Undergraduate International Students Orientation

Your Next Steps to Prepare for Arrival to BGSU!

1. Register Now for Orientation

Once you have paid your I-901 SEVIS Fee, take a moment to reserve your post for International Student Orientation! Registration opens in November.
(Guest and Exchange Students need to register here.)

Register for Undergraduate Student Orientation

2. Sign-up for the Airport Shuttle Services

Shuttles will be provided Tuesday, Jan. 2 and Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2024. Registration for the free airport shuttle services will open in early May. The deadline to register for this FREE airport shuttle service is 5 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2023

Register for Undergraduate International Student Airport Shuttle

3. Complete your Falcon Health Documents

As a new international student, you are required to enroll in student health insurance and complete an initial health screening. These forms are now available!  Please complete these forms prior to your arrival to the BGSU campus. The deadline to complete these forms is Monday, Jan. 8, 2024.

Falcon Health Documents

4. Complete ESOL and Math Placement Requirements

Undergraduate students are required to fulfill the following requirements:

  • ALL incoming undergraduates must take the University Writing Program’s placement, including international students. Non-native English speaking students may be required to complete ESOL writing courses as prerequisites to University Writing Program’s WRIT courses. Visit the University Writing Program for detailed instructions.
  • Some non-native English speaking undergraduate students are required to complete an ESOL Speaking/Listening placement. If you are required to take the ESOL speaking/listening placement, you will receive an invitation to the placement test Canvas site. Full instructions are available in Canvas. If you do not receive the Canvas invitation, you are exempt from ESOL speaking/listening classes.

Note: you must create your BGSU email account in order to complete these placement tests. Learn more about the ESOL Program, and contact our office with any questions at esolprog@bgsu.edu.

  • New undergraduate international students may also be required to take a math placement test.
    • We determine your math placement by assigning a math placement code to each undergraduate student to ensure you do not enroll in a math class before you are ready. Many math, science and business courses require a minimum math placement code, and even if you don't have to take these courses now, you may need a placement code in the future. So, having an accurate placement code on file is very important. Regardless of your current major, having a math placement code on record will help us guide you as you design your BGSU academic journey.
    • International students who need to take a course that requires a math placement or prerequisite course for enrollment may need to take the math placement test if they do not have both an ACT/SAT math score and a high school GPA on file. You will not receive an automated math placement code without both.
    • You must create your BGSU email account in order to complete the Math placement test.

5. Complete the Immigration Basics online course

Prior to your arrival to campus, you will need to complete the "Immigration Basics" online course. This course will take you about one hour to complete. The deadline to complete the course is Friday, Aug. 18, 2023.

6. Submit Your Immigration Documents Electronically

Upon arrival to campus, you will need to upload copies of your signed I-20, visa, passport and I-94. 

Immigration Document Submission

7. Update your local address and phone number on your BGSU Student Portal. Please follow these steps:

·    Login to MyBGSU

·    Click on Student Center

·    Click your Profile

·    Click on "Addresses"

·    Update or Create an Address

International Orientation Jan 3 & 4, 2024

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