Student Handbook

Welcome to another exciting year at Bowling Green State University!

The University’s Core Values are important to your experience at BGSU and you will have opportunities to engage your classmates in discussion and interactions that are informed by these values. Respect and inclusion, collaboration and community, intellectual and personal growth, innovation and entrepreneurism and excellence should all shape your daily life on campus. Whether it is in a class, student organization, residence hall, dining facility or on an athletic field, the University’s Core Values should be central to your experience here at BGSU.

Make the most of this year by working diligently on your academic endeavors and, when appropriate, taking time to become involved in the co-curricular life of the University. The faculty will challenge you to excel in the classroom, your primary purpose for enrolling at BGSU.

In addition to your academic experience, you will find opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Through interactions with your peers and University staff, you will be exposed to new perspectives, lifestyles, and approaches to learning.

The policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook will provide you with information on how to be a responsible member of our community. Take advantage of all the programs and services available to you, get involved and make BGSU your own!

Updated: 08/02/2023 10:13AM