Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is currently providing ALL services online.

Please consult the following information for details on each service being provided.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email tlc@bgsu.edu


The Falcon Learning Your Way Program (FLY)

Virtual FLY Meetings, using Zoom, began Monday, March 23, 2020 at the regularly scheduled times.
Please email your Learning Specialist if you have any questions or concerns.

FLY participants who receive tutoring and/or academic coaching will be notified if/when virtual tutoring is in place. Please be patient as the Learning Commons staff works with tutors to confirm their ability and availability to host virtual meetings.

Please continue to (1) communicate directly with your professors and teaching assistants. You might also consider (2) visiting jmtpatrick.com for math support, (3) visiting Khan Academy via YouTube for content-specific support, (4) using online materials on your textbook publishers’ websites, or (5) using the resources provided in your eTextbooks.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is offered virtually. If you are currently receiving coaching and would like to continue, please contact your Coach directly. If you are interested in starting Academic Coaching, please complete the Request Form.

Math & Stats Tutoring

Math and Statistics Tutors are available online 10am to 10pm EDT Monday - Thursday; 10am-5pm EDT on Friday; and from 6-10pm EDT on Sunday.  Simply select the correct link below. 

BGSU students log into a WebEx Math Sessions using the following links:
Open a Math Tutoring session (Algebra and Calculus).
Open a Statistics Tutoring session.

Math Emporium Tutors are available online 10am to 8pm EDT Monday - Thursday and from 6-10pm EDT on Sunday.  BGSU students log into the Emporium WebEx Sessions using the following link:
Open an Emporium Tutoring Session

If you are not sure which link to select, please consult the Online Math Tutoring Guide.

Course-based Tutoring

For courses not covered by the Math and Statistics Lab, online Course-based tutoring is available in drop-in tutoring and small group tutoring formats.

To request to become part of a study group, please complete the Tutoring Request Form.
To review the available Online Drop-in Tutoring Sessions, please consult the Virtual Drop-in Schedule.

If you are currently a member of a study group, please contact your tutor or tlc@bgsu.edu for meeting information.

Writing Consultations

The Writing Center offers online writing consultations in two ways:

Writers can receive asynchronous, email feedback by submitting a draft to us using the Online Writing Submission form
Writers can also request a virtual, face-to-face session using our Writing Session request form

If you are not sure which link to select, please consult the Online Writing Options Guide.

Math Placement Testing

For math placement testing information, please visit the College of Arts & Sciences Mathematics Placement page.

University Libraries

The University Libraries have many remote services that can be of help. Visit the University Libraries Remote Learning Support page for support.

If help is needed with research for papers, you can book a Virtual Research Appointment with a librarian.

Research Guides are available for specific courses to jump start your own academic research.

Additional Academic Support

Please utilize these opportunities offered at BGSU:

The History department is offering additional help in HIST 1510, 1520, 2050, and 2060.  Request help by email at history@bgsu.edu.

If you need additional support for COMM 1020, Graduate Assistants can help with communication skills, speaking, and presentations.  Please put in a request with your instructor for additional help.

World language tutoring in Spanish, German, or French is available by contacting rameysb@bgsu.edu.