Health Plan Benefits and Cost

BGSU Student Health Insurance is provided by United Healthcare Student Resources. We have put together a benefits at a glance chart below but for full plan details, we encourage you to visit andd review the health plan brochure for further details.

 2024-25 Plan Brochure coming soon


The details below are a summary of plan benefits, costs and effective dates. For more detailed plan information, please go to > enter Bowling Green State University as your school > click Explore Policy.

Specific information in regards to enrollment and eligibility requirements can be found on the Domestic Student Insurance and the International Student Insurance web pages. 

Cost & Effective Dates

  • Annual Plan - Covers you for 12 months but you will be billed for the entire year on your fall tuition bill.
  • Fall-only Plan - Covers you for 4.5 months
  • Spring/Summer Plan - Covers you for 7.5 months
Fall Semester

If you are enrolling in the plan for the fall semester, you will have the option to enroll in the plan for the entire year, or just the semester.

  • 2024 Fall-only Plan | $932 (Aug. 15-Dec. 31, 2024)
  • 2024-25 Annual Plan | $2,409 (Aug. 15, 2024-Aug. 14, 2025)

If you choose the Fall-only Plan, you will be required to go through the enroll/waive process again for the spring semester.

Spring Semester

If you are enrolling in the plan for the spring semester, you will receive health insurance coverage for the entire spring semester and summer.

  • 2025 Spring/Summer Plan | $1,477 (Jan. 1-Aug.14, 2025)
Only Spring 2025 graduates and students living outside of the United States June 1-August 14, 2025 are eligible for the Spring-only Plan.
  • 2025 Spring-only Plan | $1,008 (Jan. 1-May 31, 2025)
Dependent Coverage

Students who are enrolled in the plan may also insure their dependents (spouse, domestic partner and children until the age of 26.) Eligible Dependents will need to enroll into and pay for the health plan directly through United Healthcare Student Resources.

Family coverage rates are available by contacting our office. Please email or call 419-372-7495 if you would like more information regarding dependent coverage. 

Involuntary Loss of Coverage If student experiences an involuntary loss of health coverage, they are eligible to enroll into the BGSU Student Health Plan at a pro-rated amount. Please visit the web page for more details and how to enroll.  

Benefits and rates are subject to federal and state requirements and Ohio state approval. Company reserves the right to make any changes necessary to meet such requirements. 

The Basics

Annual Maximum


Annual Out-Of-Pocket Maximum (Individual)


Annual Deductible (Individual)


Your Plan Pays

80% after co-pay and/or deductible, if applicable

Medical Services

Physician or Specialist Office Visit

$25 per visit co-pay and 20% of Negotiated Charge (Deductible does not apply)

Inpatient Hospitalization

20% of Negotiated Charge (Deductible applies)

Urgent Care

$35 per visit co-pay and 20% of Negotiated Charge (Deductible does not apply)

Emergency Room

$125 co-pay and 20% of Negotiated Charge (Deductible does not apply)

X-ray and Lab

20% of Negotiated Charge (Deductible does not apply)

Prescription Drug Co-Pays

$15/$30/$45 (Deductible does not apply)

  • Refer to drug formulary. Specialty drugs are dispensed through mail order pharmacy

Physical Therapy

20% of Negotiated Charge (Deductible applies)


100% of Preferred Allowance (Deductible does not apply)

$150 maximum per policy year for eyeglass frames and prescription lenses

$75 maximum per policy year for prescription contact lenses

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