BGSU Cares

The Bowling Green State University Campus AssessmentResponse, and Evaluation (CARE) Team provides an institutional structure for information sharing and developing support plans for students of concern.

The CARE Team assesses reports concerning students who may be struggling with behavioral issues and/or emotional difficulties. The team works diligently in developing an actionable plan that supports students who have exhibited concerning behavior(s) through early intervention. Planned interventions are focused on support and care in an effort to achieve student success while creating a safe environment for all. 

Team Responsibilities

  • Educate the University community how to identify and report behaviors of concern.
  • Receive, review, and maintain a record of information about concerns regarding student behavior that is potentially harmful and/or disruptive to the University community.
  • Perform an initial assessment and develop a support plan, within existing University policies, to mitigate risk and promote student success and wellbeing.
  • Provide follow-up and assessment of student support plans.
  • Make recommendations for action and share information with University faculty, staff and others, as appropriate, to assist with managing potentially disruptive or harmful behavior(s).
  • Review CARE Team procedures and protocols, and assess team effectiveness and compliance with University policies.

Caught Caring

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Bystander Intervention Training

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