Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

Be sure to find out who your Senator is or who makes up your Executive Branch by visiting the Who's Who section.

Mission Statement

As the Undergraduate Student Government of Bowling Green State University, it is our mission to act as an influential governing service to advance the needs of the student body and to accurately represent the needs of the student body by initiating any action necessary to develop an acceptable solution. With leadership comes a vision to meet not only the current needs of the student body, but also the future needs as well. 

USG provides opportunities for students to learn, grow, and lead in an environment that promotes cooperation, respect for one another, intellectual and spiritual growth, creative imaginings, and pride in a job well done.

What is USG?

The Undergraduate Student Government hears the concerns encountered by you, as an undergraduate student, in campus life. We work hard to find beneficial solutions by engaging all members of the campus family (administrators, faculty, staff, student groups and the student body at large) to address your concerns. 

Feel free to contact us on issues and problems that arise or stop by our office anytime during the day. For more information view our contact information to the left.

The members of USG are elected annually to represent the student body. Senators serve as representatives from the academic colleges and the residential areas, as well as in at-large and diversity affairs positions. They serve on nearly every administrative body of the University, and speak regularly with the administration of various on-campus departments and offices involving undergraduate students. 

How can I get involved with USG?

Just contact us and say how you want to get involved. You can do so by joining us on OrgSync, calling the USG office at 419-372-8116 or by visiting the USG Office in Room 404 of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. If you are interested in a vacant position, please contact either Richard Racette (rracett@bgsu.edu) or Jauntez Bates (batesja@bgsu.edu) and visit the USG Orgsync page. More detailed information about the positions USG offers can be found in the Who's Who section.