Division of Research & Economic Engagement

The Division of Research and Economic Engagement supports the scientific, scholarly, and creative research activities of the faculty, staff, and students of Bowling Green State University. It leads this effort by supporting all phases of the research endeavor; managing the university’s intellectual property portfolio; facilitating relationships with industry for research and commercialization collaboration.

The Division also oversees the economic engagement activities of the University and facilitates robust local and regional growth by creating partnerships with private sector businesses, regional organizations, and local governments.

Featured Faculty


Bradley Fevrier

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Public & Allied Health

There are many things that excite me about being at BGSU, but working with the students is a personal favorite. I am also very excited about the research opportunities at the University and being able to contribute to my field of study. I am also very excited about collaborative research with my fellow colleagues. Read more on our Q and A with Dr. Fevrier.