Research & Economic Engagement

Research and Economic Engagement supports the scientific, scholarly, and creative research activities of the faculty, staff, and students of Bowling Green State University. World-class research is being performed by BGSU faculty improving our communities, the region and impacting the world.

The Division oversees the economic development activities of the University and facilitates robust local and regional growth by creating  partnerships with private sector businesses to:

  • Improve existing products and services
  • Define best practices
  • Integrate BGSU faculty and staff into the region's business community
  • Enhance strategic communication

BGSU can partner with your community!

  • Contractual Services
  • Request a consultation

To learn more about partnering with BGSU, contact:

Center for Community and Civic Engagement
100 University Hall

Research Strengths

Center for Business Analytics: quantitative consulting to improve area business and community operations

Center for Family and Demographic Research: combines analytics with real world perspectives to improve and understand life stages of the family and individual

Center for Oceans and Human Health: identifying environmental drivers of cHABs and their impact on human health

Optimal Aging Institute: leading education and awareness of the opiod crisis for older adults in Northwest Ohio

A Public University for the Public Good

  • Increased student voting rate by 10% from 2012 to 2016
  •  BGSU earned a grant for the first Center for Oceans and Human Health (COHH) in the Great Lakes region.
  • The Center for Regional has helped communities secure approximately $8.5 million in local, state, and federal infrastructure grants that have created 1,140 jobs and leveraged approximately $360 million in private sector investment over the past five years.
  • BGSU and the Bowling Green Community are building three homes in the city over the next three years. BGSU students will be highly involved through their curriculum providing a unique experiential learning opportunity.