We are pleased to share Forward. – our shared strategic plan to create public good. This is a targeted and intentional plan, with four strategic and foundational objectives, each with four initiatives. Because of the input of our community, Forward. belongs to each of us.

We are not losing sight of our goal to redefine student success, and to elevate our commitment to research, creative activities, partnerships and external engagement. To accomplish these objectives, we must be efficient and effective and, above all, it is our people – our students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, parents, families and community members – that power our University and help us achieve excellence.

Forward. demonstrates our commitment to embrace our role as a 21st-century public university for the public good. While this plan builds off our momentum and will serve as our University's guiding strategy, it is not defined just by goals and metrics. It is defined by your actions. It is defined by our collective aspirations and limitless potential. It is defined by our journey, forward.


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Rodney K. Rogers, Ph.D.

Strategic Objective 


Driving Public Good Through Redefining Student Success

We aspire to redefine student success because while receiving a degree is important, we do not believe it is sufficient to live a productive and meaningful life. We will provide an educational experience that meets our students where they are and inspires them to be prepared for opportunities and life after graduation. In this way, we drive public good through our graduates who make a difference in their families, communities and professions.  

Initiative 1: Right programs that are sustainable

We will continue to evaluate our undergraduate and graduate academic programs to ensure we are providing opportunities for our students that meet their needs, as well as society’s needs. We will continue to support our strong existing programs and develop new programs that are in great demand, in areas such as healthcare and applied sciences.


Initiative 2: Intensive focus on outcomes

We will ensure each student receives a transformative experience, preparing them for timely graduation, post-graduation opportunities, and to live a meaningful and productive life. We must focus on opportunity gaps and those groups of students who have not experienced the levels of success of other groups.

Initiative 3: Differentiating the traditional undergraduate experience

We will recognize our position as a comprehensive, residential university and we will strategically leverage our unique strengths as a high-research university with a strong tradition of high-impact practices and student engagement. We will transform our curriculum to ensure mastery of content and application of knowledge, and we will empower our students to intentionally design an educational experience that allows them to take full advantage of all that BGSU has to offer.


Initiative 4: Broadening access

We will extend what we have learned during the global pandemic, and we will leverage technology to expand our ability to meet the needs of students. We will make a BGSU degree more accessible to broader groups of qualified students through partnerships, pathways and innovative programs.

Strategic Objective 


Creating Public Good Through Research, Creative Activities, Partnerships and Engagement

We aspire to be relevant to our communities to support their social, economic, educational and cultural vitality. We create public good through the relevance and significance of our research, scholarship and creative activities. We enhance our communities through engagement, service and partnership.


Initiative 5: Focusing research, creative activities and athletic competitions

We will, as an anchor institution of our region, focus our research, scholarship and creative activities to support the vitality of our communities. We will continue to enhance the support and infrastructure needed to achieve increases in funding and resources from grants, contracts and philanthropy.

Initiative 6: Partnerships

We will grow and create partnerships that provide additional resources to support our strategic objectives and create public good.

Initiative 7: Innovative engagement

We will creatively engage our extended community of alumni, friends, government officials, families and others to demonstrate the value of BGSU to our region, state and world, as well as to build support for the University.

Initiative 8: Telling our story

We will implement a coordinated and aligned strategic marketing and communication plan that communicates the relevance and importance of BGSU to all constituencies. This will include highlighting our current exemplars of excellence.

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Foundational Objective 


Powering Public Good Through Our People and Community

We aspire to be an engaged learning community where each member belongs and is inspired to achieve excellence. For us to become the community we aspire to be, we must become more diverse, inclusive and curious. Additionally, we aspire to be a student-centered learning community and are guided by this focus in our decision-making.

Initiative 9: Culture of inclusion, respect and curiosity

We will create the culture that we aspire to be by intentionally educating all members of our community regarding diversity, inclusion and democracy. This will allow us to recruit, retain and support a diverse community of students, faculty and staff so that all belong.

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Initiative 10: Teaching and service excellence

We will support faculty and staff in achieving excellence in their jobs to significantly improve the quality of teaching and learning by leveraging technology and innovative pedagogy, as well as professional development of our staff to support their efforts to enhance the University.

Initiative 11: Community well-being

We will support our community by coordinating and enhancing systems and programs that focus on mental and physical health, accessibility and wellness.

Initiative 12: Culture of innovation and accountability

We will create a culture of innovation and accountability within our community to empower our people to drive the success of the University in a post-COVID-19 world.


Foundational Objective 


Supporting Public Good Through Efficient and Effective Processes, Structures and Technologies

We aspire to be an organization that achieves excellence and provides our students with an educational experience that is of great value professionally and personally.


Initiative 13: Enhancing value

We will reduce the net cost of a BGSU education for our students by streamlining curriculum, adopting innovative academic affordability initiatives and implementing innovative scholarship programs.

Initiative 14: Efficiency and alignment

We will align processes, organizational structures and financial budgets to minimize administrative costs. More nimble decision-making will support innovative and interdisciplinary academic programs, research and outreach.

Initiative 15: Technology-enabled

We will develop and implement a technology plan that includes learning space enhancements, emerging technologies, mobile learning and technology-enhanced pedagogy in the classroom.

Initiative 16: Physical plan alignment

We will continue our sustainability efforts across our campuses and develop a master plan for our physical facilities, while considering the implications of COVID-19 on future teaching, research and outreach needs.

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