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Fighting back against the emerald ash borer

BGSU postdoctoral researcher Dr. Rachel Kappler is continuing her dissertation research of ash trees and emerald ash borers to determine the trees’ possible recovery from this invasive beetle.

Kluch honored for excellence in teaching as a graduate student

Communication studies student Yannick Kluch recently was named the winner of the Central States Communication Association’s 2018 Cooper Award for teaching by a Ph.D. student. He becomes the first Bowling Green State University student ever to receive the prestigious honor.

Graduate student digs deep for algae solution

Bowling Green State University graduate student Josephine Lindsey-Robbins is researching the role of “bugs” in composting dead plant material, turning it back into the soil and keeping its nitrogen and phosphorus in place. There, it can fertilize the soil instead of washing into lakes.

Updated: 05/03/2022 11:11PM