COVID-19 Resources: The Counseling Center is offering services for students via telehealth. If you would like to access Counseling Center services, call 419-372-2081.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center strives to promote the psychological well-being of students from diverse backgrounds; to foster their development, learning, and academic success; and to provide appropriate intervention when students are experiencing serious mental health concerns.
The Counseling Center welcomes all students. We aspire to respect cultural, individual, and role differences. Our goal is to create a safe, supportive and affirming climate for individuals of all races, ethnicities, national origins, genders, gender identities, sexual/affectional orientations, religions, ages, abilities, sizes, socioeconomic statuses, languages, and cultures.


We have an on-call counselor available at 419-372-2081 for crisis situations from 8:00 a.m. to 5pm Monday-Friday. You can also text the UChat line at 419-664-5664 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Fridays.

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Need to start or restart counseling? Call for an initial consultation during our Call-In Hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday - Friday

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The Counseling Center staff are committed to providing affirming care for students of all gender identities and expression.


The Counseling Center offers individual and group counseling as well as educational programming for the campus community. Learn more about refferals and requesting services

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College Park Building Room 104
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403
Fax: 419-372-9535

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 5:00
(some evening hours available)

Call-In Hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 4:00



College years are an exciting time, but sometimes they can be stressful. Students may encounter problems that are not easily solved. When talking to friends or relatives about your concerns is impossible or unsatisfying, counseling is often the answer. Personal counseling is a way of talking about what is on your mind with an objective person who can help you to learn new skills and new ways of looking at situations so that you will be more capable of solving problems on your own now and in the future.

Students come to the Counseling for a variety of reasons including relationship issues, depression, anxiety, homesickness, trauma, family problems, eating disorders, and grief. Many students who seek counseling do not have a mental illness, rather they are having difficulty coping with a stressful life event. Some students come to the Counseling Center for help getting connected to other University or community resources.

If you feel uncertain about whether counseling is for you, we hope you will make an appointment for an introductory meeting and discuss your concerns with a counselor. There is no obligation to continue.

The Counseling Center staff welcomes all students. We aspire to respect cultural, individual, and role differences. Our goal is to create a safe, supportive and affirming climate for individuals of all races, ethnicities, national origins, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, abilities, sizes, socioeconomic statuses, languages, and cultures.

Counseling services are made available to any enrolled Bowling Green State University student. Services come at no additional cost, are voluntary, and confidential.

Consistent with professional ethical standards, information that students share in counseling is held in the strictest confidence. Further information about the confidentiality policy and its limitations is furnished to all students who come for counseling.

View our Notice of Privacy Practices

The counselors are qualified, trained mental health professionals and advanced graduate students with backgrounds in psychology. They are competent and caring people who can help students achieve more satisfying, educational and life experiences.

Meet the counselors

Students who would like to begin counseling or who need to consult with a counselor can contact the Counseling Center during our call-in periods, which are Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Students who are not able to call during the times listed above should contact the Counseling Center at 419-372-2081 to discuss other options and to complete the initial Consultation and Assessment session.

The Counseling Center will do its best to see each student who comes during these times; however on days when there is an unusually high demand, there is a possibility that a student may be asked to return to the next day’s call-in or make an appointment for the initial assessment/consultation.

How to get started with counseling

The Call-in Process:

If you are a student wishing to meet with a counselor, the way to begin is through our call-in process, which is available Monday-Friday from 10am to 4pm. A call-in is equivalent to our former walk-in process – you complete consent forms, fill out initial questionnaires, and then speak with a counselor about what brings you to counseling. Here’s a more detailed outline of the process and what to expect:

1. Begin the process at a time when you have plenty of time to complete it. There will be forms to complete and a conversation with a counselor, and since we meet with people on a first-come-first-served basis, there may be some wait in between steps. Wherever possible, we want to avoid beginning a process only to have it interrupted by other things – this leaves students and/or counselors hanging!

2. Your privacy is important! Choose a private space in which you won’t be overheard. Use headphones if you have them. You’ll need a device on which you can receive email, click into web links, and connect to a Zoom teleconference. A laptop, tablet, or phone will likely work.

3. Call the Center at 419-372-2081 and speak with one of our Front Desk staff. Let them know that you wish to start a call-in appointment. They will give you information about the process and email you documents and links to get started – this paperwork typically takes 15-20 minutes.

4. Complete consent forms through the Adobe E-sign system. You’ll receive an email with a subject line indicating that electronic signatures are needed, and when you click on the button, you’ll be directed to an Adobe site where you sign in using your email address. You’ll then see a document that includes our privacy practices, informed consent information for our services and telehealth, and signature pages. There are blanks throughout the document asking for input or electronic signatures. When you complete the forms, clicking on the button at the bottom will submit them back to us.

5. Complete initial questionnaires. An email from our Front Desk will include a link to the forms we use to collect initial information/history for new or returning clients. The email will direct you which button to complete.

6. When you have completed the consents and forms, call our Front Desk to let them know you’re ready. They’ll give you some idea of wait time, although it can be unpredictable based on variations in the time it takes to discuss relevant information with each student. Call-in hours can be very busy, but we will connect with you as quickly as we can!

7. Keep an eye on your email! When it’s your turn with the next available call-in counselor, they will send you an invitation with a link to join them in Zoom. Click on the link, and you’ll be connected with the counselor.

8. If you need to be somewhere or have limits on how long you can wait, let our office know! We don’t want to receive your forms but then miss talking to you – so if you have to be somewhere before your turn comes, we will at least connect with you for a few minutes to check in and make a plan about how to finish the process.

9. If you have questions, feel free to call and ask!

The Counseling Center offers a variety of services to support student success. While individual and group counseling are available only to currently enrolled BGSU students, the Center offers consultation and outreach to all members of the BGSU community including faculty, staff, and parents. To read more about all our services, click here.