Global Village Learning Community

Global | Involving the entire world
Village | A community of people smaller than a town

The Global Village Learning Community consist of international and American students, all majors and all have a sincere interest in meeting and learning about people from other countries and cultures. Residents are paired with students of different cultural backgrounds and share a living space. This unique and dynamic community is fueled by cross-cultural conversation, fun times, friendship and moments of discovery.

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Important Information

Kefa Otiso
Learning Community Director

Community Highlights

  • Interaction, understanding and eye-opening education are central to Global Village
  • Participate in an event/service-based course that gets students involved with a number of University and community events relevant to the Global Village mission to serve others (RESC 2000G)
  • Students choose a second course that is applicable to University requirements, such as Introduction to International Studies (INST 2000) or World Regional Geography (GEOG 1210 or GEOG 1220)

Engaging Experiences

  • Celebrate holidays, like Valentines Day and Halloween, how other cultures do around the world
  • Diwali Mela (Festival of Lights)
  • Japanese and Chinese New Years
  • Indian celebrations
  • Mask-making with the Arts Village
  • Day trips around the Bowling Green region
  • Weekend trips to Washington D.C., Detroit MI and other cities

Global Village Residential Community

Kohl Hall

Residential Requirements

Fee* | $200 + Residential Fees
Must live in the community? No
Allows roommate pull-ins? Yes

*Fees are per semester.

Residential Requirements | Students who are members of the Global Village Learning Community are not required to live within the community in order to be a member but it is an added benefit. If you choose to live in the community, your roommate does not have to be a member of the community.

About the Community | Global Village students live in a diverse population in Kohl Hall along with other highly ambitious and motivated students who are members of other learning communities. Students work, live and hang out together to ease the transition to college life, while also helping the community.

Kohl Hall | This hall is centrally located and steps away from the Bowen-Thompson Student Union and the Jerome Library. Kohl Hall is a Traditional residence hall with a modern design and houses classrooms and faculty/staff offices. Amenities include an art studio, music room, study area, computer lab, laundry on each floor and a full community kitchen.

How to Apply

Each community has a set of residence hall rooms specifically designated for them. To sign up for one of these rooms, you must apply, and be accepted into the community, prior to April 25, 2018. To ensure your chance to live in the community, please complete the following steps:

Step 1
Complete your housing application
Step 2 Apply here and login with your BGSU username and password
Step 3 Click on Add a New Community Enrollment Request and choose your desired community and academic year/term
Please Note Students can apply only for two communities on their own. If you want to apply to more than two communities, please contact the additional communities you are interested in so they can apply for you. If you have applied for two and change your mind, go into the system and withdraw yourself from the one(s) you are no longer interested in. This will open up a space for you again.

After you have submitted your request to join a community, you will receive an email from the community director approving your request. When it’s time for you to select your room in the next phase, you will be able to view and select rooms within the designated community space in the community’s residence hall. For example, if you choose to join the Chapman Learning Community, you will select a room in Kohl Hall.

Having Trouble Applying?

If you are experiencing any issues when you are trying to apply for this community or any others, please contact Lenee Hammersmith at 419-372-9979 in our Learning Community Office so she can assist you. We are here to help.

Community and Fellowship


The Global Village community is founded on the ideal of respect, and appreciation for the unique and diverse perspectives held by its residents.  With opportunities to share culture, to express new ideas, and develop long-lasting friendships, the Global Village is truly a unique and special community.

Core Values

  • Learn through intentional and organic interaction
  • Respect Cultural differences. Embrace them through questions and smiles
  • Listen to your friends earnestly
  • Have fun
  • Always lend a helping hand
  • Network with the BGSU and Bowling Green communities
  • Be active
  • Create experiences

The wisdom to perceive the interconnectedness of all life and living.

The courage not to fear or deny difference; but to respect and strive to understand people of different cultures and to grow from encounters with them.

The compassion to maintain an imaginative empathy that reaches beyond one's immediate surroundings and extends to those suffering in distant places.

These qualities are essential elements of global citizenship


“The best part of living in the Global Village are the late night conversations with my roommate. It’s a study abroad-experience without ever having to leave campus!” 

~ Former Student

Participate in Other Organizations

Residents of the Global Village Community take advantage of the numerous international student organizations on campus.


There are two required core courses for Global Village

  1. Field Experience (RESC 2000G) | is an arranged event/service-based class that is held in both fall and spring semesters. The class requires students to participate in a set number of University and community events/ service activities relevant to the Global Village mission. Residents MUST enroll in this one-credit course in every semester of their Global Village residence.
  2. In addition, students will also chose a second academic class applicable to University requirements, such as Introduction to International Studies (INST 2000) or World Regional Geography (GEOG 1210 or GEOG 1220).

Other classes offered in the Global Village residence include Academic Writing (GSW 1110) and Relational Communication in Transnational Contexts (INST 2100).

Global Village Council

Members of the Global Village have a unique leadership opportunity! They are responsible for planning social and educational events such as: International Game Night, International Film Nights, and International Dinners. These leaders within the community play a vital role in developing camaraderie and relationships that stretch the globe. If you are interested in the Global Village Council, e-mail Dr. Kefa Otiso

Countries that have been represented in Global Village

  • China
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Great Britain
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Nigeria
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Taiwan
  • Wales


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