English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a post-admission program that provides language support for BGSU students who are non-native speakers of English. ESOL courses assist both undergraduate and graduate students in the development of academic English skills so that students can better meet the demands of their degree programs. The ESOL Program also provides clearance for International Teaching Assistants/Associates, as required by Ohio State Law. 

In addition to offering courses for enrolled BGSU students, the ESOL Program offers two optional programs to promote cultural understanding and language development. The Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection matches American and international students in small conversation groups to connect people from various cultures through conversation. Secondly, the Community English Class is a free English class that is open to everyone: family members of BGSU faculty, staff, and students; visiting scholars; and community members.

Program Director: Amy Cook amycook@bgsu.edu       
ESOL Secretary: Kelly Jennings kjennin@bgsu.edu
CCCC Coordinator: Jessica Eylem cccc@bgsu.edu

Questions about acquiring TESOL certification?

If you are interested in gaining a TESOL certificate, please contact the TESOL Certificate Program.

Friday Workshop Series Poster

Friday Workshop Series, Spring 2019

Are you a multilingual student? Do you want to improve your pronunciation and presentation skills? Then this Friday Workshop Series is for YOU.

ESOL Program together with the Learning Commons will hold five workshops in Spring 2019 to address the most common pronunciation and presentation requests:

  • March 8 (stress and rhythm of English)
  • March 29 (pauses and thought groups)
  • April 12 (intonation)
  • April 26 (fast speech)
  • May 3 (online resources for self-study)

All sessions will be at the Learning Commons (Jerome Library, 1st floor), 11:30–12:30. For more information, contact Ana Kryzhanivska

Interested in Joining Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection (CCCC)?

In CCCC, students are matched into small groups (3-5 people) based upon their time availability and hobbies/interests. Each group will meet weekly with a student leader, and learn about other cultures, share cultural experiences and knowledge, gain experience speaking English as a Global Language, and plan events and other activities.

CCCC Spring 2019 Participant Application

CCCC Spring 2019 Group Leader Application