Degree Audit Information

Bowling Green State University offers an electronic degree audit to assist students, advisors, and the University of the progress toward degree completion of all degree requirements. The degree audit report matches completed, in-progress, and registered courses with the degree requirements of the specified program to determine what requirements have not been met. This tool is designed for advisement. Final confirmation of degree requirements is subject to college and University approval.

Questions regarding applicability of coursework should be directed to the academic advisor.
Contact or 419-372-8441 with other questions regarding the electronic degree audit.




Your electronic degree audit can be accessed by following these simple steps:

  1. Log on to your “MyBGSU” using the BGSU homepage.
  2. From the Quicklinks menu (in the upper-right corner) choose “Degree Audit.”
  3. You will be prompted to Select a School. Undergraduate students should select “Undergraduate Programs” and graduate students should select “Graduate Programs.”
  4. Your current degree program(s) will be displayed under the Request an Audit page. Click the “Run Declared Programs” button to generate a new degree audit report. This may take several seconds.
  5. You will be directed to the Completed Audit Requests page. Check the Created column to ensure you are accessing the most recent degree audit report, then click “View Audit.”
  6. If you have not declared a major or wish to see how your credits will apply to a different major, use the “Select a Different Program” feature from the Request an Audit page. Select the appropriate degree program using the drop-down menus for College, Major, and Degree. Choose the most current semester from Catalog Year menu, then click “Run Different Program.”
  7. The degree audit report contains both visual and textual components. At the top of the degree audit you will see interactive charts and graphs representing your degree progress. Hovering or clicking on any of these elements will provide more information related to each program area.
  8. Below the charts and graphs you will find the written requirements specific to your degree program. You can open each requirement by clicking the arrow icon on its left or choose to open every requirement by clicking the “Open All Sections” button at the top of the textual audit.
  9. Completed requirements will be indicated with a green checkmark. The list of applied courses will appear below these requirements.
    In Progress requirements will be indicated with three dots in blue. The list of applied courses will appear below these requirements.
    Unfulfilled requirements will be indicated with a red X. Courses that may be applied toward these requirements will be listed within the “Select From” lines.
  10. Review your degree audit to track your degree progress and help plan your schedule for each term. Degree audit reports can be generated as often and as many times as needed.

Last Updated: 3/16/2022

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