BGSU Mural Project, 2017

For years, Gordon Ricketts, director of the Arts Village, has run a summer art mural workshop. His classes create murals in the East Toledo Area. His course has resulted in over 20 murals being painted in the city.

Ricketts started the class after working with the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center to design and paint a mural along a viaduct in the Old South End. 


Past and Current Murals

Photo Credit: Anthony Kappler. Photo description: A group of students stand in front of a completed mural of a cat with a ball of yarn and a dog with a box on its head. Mice sit on top of the box with a red flag.
Photo description: Students stand in front of a partially competed mural of a man's face. The students are holding signs that say "BGSU Serves."
Photo description: A student is seen from the side, paintbrush in hand, as she works on painting a tree on the mural.

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