Faculty & Staff

Department Chair


Dr. Juan Bouzat

Position: Department Chair & Professor
Phone: 419-372-2332
Email: jbouzat@bgsu.edu
Address: 217 Life Science Building (Office) & 403 Life Sciences Building (Lab)

Research: Molecular ecology; Conservation genetics

Dr. Bouzat's Faculty Profile



Dr. Maria G. Bidart

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-4644
Email: gbidart@bgsu.edu
Address: 511A Life Science Building

Research: Evolutionary ecology; plant-insect interactions

Dr. Bidart's Faculty Profile


Dr. Verner Bingman

Position: Professor, Psychology Department
Phone: 419-372-6984
Email: vbingma@bgsu.edu
Address: 255 Psychology Building

Research: Neurobiology of Spatial Memory and Animal Navigation; Migration and Homing; Comparative Neuroanatomy

Dr. Bingman's Faculty Profile


Dr. George Bullerjahn

Position: Emeritus Professor
Phone: 419-372-8527
Email: bullerj@bgsu.edu
Address: 516 Life Science Building

Research: Microbial physiology; Cyanobacteria

Dr. Bullerjahn's Faculty Profile


Dr. Tim Davis

Position: Ryan Endowed Professor
Phone: 419-372-8553
Email: timdavi@bgsu.edu
Address: 504A Life Science Building

Research: Ecology of harmful algal blooms (HABs)

Dr. Davis' Faculty Profile


Dr. Michael Geusz

Position: Neuroscience Faculty Mentor, Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-2433
Email: mgeusz@bgsu.edu
Address: 414 Life Science Building

Research: Genes controlling circadian rhythms of neurons and cancer cells 

Dr. Geusz's Faculty Profile


Dr. Julia Halo

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-4096
Email: halojv@bgsu.edu
Address: 521A Life Science Building

Research: Transposable elements; Retroelements; Host-virus evolution; Retroviruses; Cancer

Dr. Halo's Laboratory website

Dr. Halo's Faculty Profile


Dr. Carol Heckman

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-4833
Email: heckman@bgsu.edu
Address: 538 Life Science Building

Research: Cell biology; role of ruffling in growth control

Dr. Heckman's Faculty Profile


Dr. Robert Huber

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-7492
Email: rh.bgsu@gmail.com
Address: 227B Life Sciences Building

Research: Neuroharmacology of drug addiction

Dr. Huber's Laboratory website

Dr. Huber's Faculty Profile


Dr. Ray Larsen

Position: Graduate Coordinator, Pre-vet Mentor, Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-9559
Email: larsera@bgsu.edu
Address: 431 Life Science Building

Research: Transport and membrane energetics in bacteria

Dr. Larsen's Faculty Profile


Dr. Kevin McCluney

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-2634
Email: kmcclun@bgsu.edu
Address: 451D Life Science Building

Research: Global Change in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems, Animal Ecology, Food Webs, Community Physiological Ecology, Urban Ecology, Climate Change, Water Quality, Isotopes

Dr. McCluney's Laboratory website

Dr. McCluney's Faculty Profile


Dr. Helen Michaels

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-2644
Email: hmichae@bgsu.edu
Address: 330C Life Science Building

Research: Conservation and Restoration Ecology

Dr. Michael's Laboratory website

Dr. Michael's Faculty Profile


Dr. Jeffrey Miner

Position: Ecobreak Advisor, Professor
Phone: 419-372-8330
Email: jminer@bgsu.edu
Address: 336 Life Science Building

Research: Aquatic community ecology; Fishery biology

Dr. Miner's Faculty Profile


Dr. Paul Moore

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-8556
Email: pmoore@bgsu.edu
Address: 226 Life Science Building

Research: Chemical ecology and behavior of aquatic organisms

Dr. Moore's Laboratory website

Dr. Moore's Faculty Profile

Paul Morris

Dr. Paul Morris

Position: Kids' Tech University Program Director, Forensic Biology & Microbiology Advisor, Professor
Phone: 419-372-0481
Email: pmorris@bgsu.edu
Address: 532A Life Science Building

Research: Oomycete genomics, Polyamine metabolism and transport

Dr. Morris' Laboratory website

Dr. Morris' Faculty Profile


Dr. Shannon Pelini

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-8760
Email: spelini@bgsu.edu
Address: 312C Life Science Building

Research: Community Ecology, Global Change Biology, Biogeography, Conservation Biology

Dr. Pelini's Laboratory website

Dr. Pelini's Faculty Profile


Dr. Vipa Phuntumart

Position: Departmental Honors Advisor, Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-4097
Email: vphuntu@bgsu.edu
Address: 129B Life Science Building

Research: Molecular Plant-Microbe Interaction; Plant Immunity

Dr. Phuntumart's Faculty Profile


Dr. Scott O. Rogers

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-9157
Email: srogers@bgsu.edu
Address: 411 Life Science Building

Research: Ancient DNA, ice , viruses, bacteria, and fungi; DNA/RNA preservation; Introns; Plant development

Dr. Rogers' Laboratory website

Dr. Rogers' Faculty Profile


Dr. Karen V. Root

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-8559
Email: kvroot@bgsu.edu
Address: 429E Life Science Building

Research: conservation biology, population viability analysis, reserve design

Dr. Root's Laboratory website

Dr. Root's Faculty Profile


Dr. Karen Sirum

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-3877
Email: ksirum@bgsu.edu
Address: 202 Life Science Building

Research: Biological Education Research and Development (BERD)

Dr. Sirum's Faculty Profile


Dr. Eileen Underwood

Position: Herpetology Lab Director, Science Education, Pre-Vet & Biology Faculty Mentor (M-Z), Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-8564
Email: eunderw@bgsu.edu
Address: 111E Life Science Building


Dr. Moira van Staaden

Position: Shanklin Endowed Professor
Phone: 419-372-0341
Email: moirav@bgsu.edu
Address: 303A Life Science Building

Research: Ethology and evolution

Dr. van Staaden's Faculty Profile


Dr. Christopher Ward

Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-2332
Email: chrward@bgsu.edu
Address: 448 Life Science Building

Research: Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Microbial Bioinformatics, Metabolomics, Algal Biofuels

Dr. Ward's laboratory website

Dr. Ward's Faculty Profile


Dr. Daniel Wiegmann

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-2691
Email: ddwiegm@bgsu.edu
Address: 311C Life Science Building

Research: Behavioral ecology; Reproductive biology of fishes

Dr. Wiegmann's Faculty Profile


Dr. Hans Wildschutte

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-4704
Email: hansw@bgsu.edu
Address: 424B Life Science Building

Research: Environmental microbiology; drug discovery; microbial population-level diversity 

Dr. Wildschutte's Laboratory website

Dr. Wildschutte's Faculty Profile


Dr. Ronny Woodruff

Position: Distinguished Research Professor
Phone: 419-372-0376
Email: rwoodru@bgsu.edu
Address: 429C Life Science Building

Research: Evolutionary genetics, Role of mutation in evolution and aging, Transposable DNA elements, and Molecular evolution. Drosophila as model organism.

Dr. Woodruff's Faculty Profile


Dr. Zhaohui Xu

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 419-372-4645
Email: zxu@bgsu.edu
Address: 538A Life Science Building

Research: Genetics and genomics of thermophilic bacteria; biotechnology; bioinformatics; systems biology

Dr. Xu's Laboratory website

Dr. Xu's Faculty Profile


Dr. Jill Zeilstra-Ryalls

Position: Professor
Phone: 419-372-2872
Email: jzeilst@bgsu.edu
Address: 442C Life Science Building

Research: Gene regulation and protein structure-function relationships

Dr. Zeilstra-Ryall's Faculty Profile

Teaching Professors


Dr. Kamau Mbuthia

Position: Bio 1010, 1040 & 2050 Lab Coordinator, Biology Faculty Mentor (I-R), Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-2732
Email: mbuthkw@bgsu.edu
Address: 320 Life Sciences Building


Dr. R. Mike McKay

Position: Marine Biology Adjunct Research Professor
Phone: 419-372-2332
Email: rmmckay@bgsu.edu

Research: Marine & Aquatic Biology

Dr. McKay's Faculty Profile


Dr. Kevin Neves

Position: Marine Biology Faculty Mentor (A-J), Assistant Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-4835
Email: kneves@bgsu.edu
Address: 328 Life Science Building

Research: Marine & Aquatic Biology

Dr. Neves Faculty Profile


Dr. Crystal Oechsle

Position: Assistant Teaching Professor, Forensic Biology
Phone: 419-372-2861
Email: coechsl@bgsu.edu
Address: 116 Life Science Building


Dr. Matthew Partin

Position: Marine Lab Coordinator, Marine Biology Mentor (K-Z), Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-2058
Email: partim@bgsu.edu
Address: 115A Life Science Building


Mr. Paul Passalacqua

Position: Adjunct Assistant Teaching Professor (Online Programs)
Phone: 419-372-4835
Email: ppassal@bgsu.edu
Address: 328 Life Science Building


Dr. Daniel Pavuk

Position: Ecology & Conservation Faculty Mentor, Tri-Beta Advisor, Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-4839
Email: dmpavuk@bgsu.edu
Address: 319 Life Science Building

Amy Wagner

Ms. Amy Wagner

Position: Pre-Health Faculty Mentor (A-H), LCCC Advisor, Associate Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-9387
Email: akwagne@bgsu.edu
Address: 115D Life Science Building


Ms. Tamera Wales

Position: Biology Faculty Mentor (A-H), Teaching Professor
Phone: 419-372-8206
Email: tswales@bgsu.edu
Address: 115B Life Science Building

Biology Firelands Affiliate Faculty

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey

Position: Associate Teaching Professor of Allied Health & Biology
Phone: 419-372-0939
Email: cbailey@bgsu.edu
Address: 316I George Mylander Hall

Tammie May

Tamara May

Position: Associate Teaching Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-372-0840
Email: tjmay@bgsu.edu
Address: 309 George Mylander Hall

Jaclyn Mclean

Jaclyn McLean

Position: Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-372-0933
Email: jmclean@bgsu.edu
Address: 316C George Mylander Hall

Ram Veerapanei

Ram Veerapaneni

Position: Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-372-0934
Email: ramv@bgsu.edu
Address: 316D George Mylander Hall

Post Doctoral Research Assistants

BGSU falcon head logo

Dr. Narmin Ghalichi

Position: Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Phone: 419-372-2332
Email: nghalic@bgsu.edu
Address: 303 Life Sciences Building

Biology Office Manager


Kelly Wildschutte

Position: Biology Office Manager
Phone: 419-372-8550
Email: kwild@bgsu.edu
Address: 217 Life Sciences Building

Biology Staff


Marilyn Cayer

Position: Technical Director, Electron Microscopy
Phone: 419-372-2432
Email: mcayer@bgsu.edu
Address: 546 Life Sciences Building


Patti Crawford-Mayo

Position: Undergraduate/Departmental Secretary, Biology Webmaster
Phone: 419-372-8551
Email: patrijm@bgsu.edu
Address: 217 Life Science Building


Chris Hess

Position: Senior Budget Coordinator, Stockroom Manager
Phone: 419-372-7628
Email: chess@bgsu.edu
Address: 230A Life Science Building


Sheila Kratzer

Position: Microbiology Prep Room Technician
Phone: 419-372-8609
Email: skratze@bgsu.edu
Address: 531A Life Science Building


Dotti LaForce

Position: Graduate Secretary, Biology CCTV Technician
Phone: 419-372-8552
Email: dlaforc@bgsu.edu
Address: 217 Life Science Building


Susan O’Donnell

Position: Accounting Administrator
Phone: 419-372-2234
Email: smodonn@bgsu.edu
Address: 230 Life Science Building


Steve Queen

Position: Biology Instrument & Fabrication Technician
Phone: 419-372-9377
Email: queen@bgsu.edu
Address: 230B Life Science Building


Frank Schemenauer

Position: Biology Horticulturist
Phone: 419-372-2375
Email: franksc@bgsu.edu
Address: Greenhouse