Forms, Resources & Facilities

The Department of Biological Sciences is housed in the Life Sciences Building, a five-story 120,000-square-foot research and teaching complex. The forty laboratories housed in the building are equipped with various instrumentation. Included are scanning and transmission electron microscopes, X-ray analyzers, ultracentrifuges, scanning and dual-beam spectrophotometers, high performance liquid chromatography equipment, gamma and liquid scintillation counters, mainframe and microcomputers, environmental control chambers, darkrooms, cold rooms, biochemistry and tissue culture labs, saltwater and freshwater labs, and a biohazard work area.

Other departmental facilities include 80-acre and 100-acre forest preserves; a greenhouse complex with areas for the propagation and breeding of temperate, tropical, subtropical, and desert plants; a herbarium containing over 20,000 specimens; a 9,000-square-foot animal facility with thirty breeding and maintenance rooms and a P3 area.

Updated: 04/11/2023 12:32PM