Karen Sirum

Dr. Karen Sirum

Ph. D., Dartmouth Medical School

Office:     202 Life Sciences Building
Phone:   1-419-372-3877
Email:     ksirum@bgsu.edu


Biological Education Research and Development (BERD)



Research Interests:

As a Science Faculty member with an Education Specialty (SFES), my Biology Education Research and Development program centers around questions about how best to bring scientific thinking skills and scientific literacy to all students, not only science majors. To reach this goal there are four components to my research program:

1. Designing, adapting, and implementing scientific teaching and learning strategies, including active learning and inquiry lab experiences, for gateway Biological Sciences courses to promote scientific thinking skills.

2. Designing and utilizing assessment strategies to measure development of students' scientific thinking skills.

3. Establishing and developing Scientific Teaching Learning Communities, to open and sustain a dialogue that allows scientists to approach their teaching as they do their research, based on the evidence of how people learn.

4. Preparing future faculty for participation in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Selected Publications:

Sirum, K. 2012. Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies: Assessment of Student Learning in the College Science Classroom. Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, Volume 33 (K. McMahon, Editor). Proceedings of the 33rd Conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE).

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Sirum, K., and J. Humburg (2011) The Experimental Design Ability Test (EDAT). Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching 37(1), 8-16.

Sirum, K. and D. Madigan (2010) Assessing How Science Faculty Learning Communities Impact Student Learning. Biochem. and Mol. Bio. Education, 38: 193-202, featured extended article in “Bridging the Gap Between the Research and Teaching Cultures” section of the journal. 17 pages.

Sirum, K., Madigan, D. L., and D. Klionsky (2009) Enabling a Culture of Change: A Life Sciences Faculty Learning Community Promotes Scientific Teaching. Journal of College Science Teaching, Jan/Feb. 38: 24-30, Article featured on cover of journal.

Madigan, D., and K. Sirum (2006) Enabling Interactive Engagement Pedagogy Through Digital Technology. ITALICS 5, 108-120.