Jeffrey Miner

Dr. Jeffrey G. Miner

Office:    336 Life Sciences Building
Phone:   1-419-372-8330

Research: Fisheries, aquatic ecology, community ecology, restoration, wetlands


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Research Interests

I focus my research at the interface of population-community-ecosystem ecology. In particular, my lab focuses on the effects of abiotic variables and perturbations from invasive species on aquatic community structure. Therefore, we conduct experiments on the effects of environmental variables and heterogeneity on predator-prey and competitive interactions, using primarily fish, zooplankton, and macroinvertebrates as our model organisms. This work focuses on the concept that biotic interactions are critical forces regulating abundance and distribution of species, and environmental conditions mediate the intensity of these interactions. Thus, we are interested in how spatial and temporal variation in resources mediates biotic regulatory mechanisms. Given human-dominated impacts to aquatic ecosystems, much of my research has focused on studying the effects of invasive species, and understanding how remediation/management can help restore ecosystem functioning. I currently teach limnology, foundations biology, and hold seminar/field experiences opportunities for students to get 'hands-on' experiences in aquatic ecology.

Selected Publications:

Whitledge, G.W., D.C. Chapman, J.R. Farver, S.J. Herbst, N.E. Mandrak, J.G. Miner, K.L. Pangle, P.M. Kocovsky. 2020. Identifying sources and year classes contributing to invasive grass carp in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research

Stott, N.D., J.G. Miner. (in revision). Spawning migration behavior into wetlands by Northern Pike and Common Carp: discriminating timing to optimize management. Wetlands.

Budnik, R.R., C.T.Boehler, J.E. Gagnon, J.R. Farver, and J.G. Miner. 2018. Application of otolith chemistry to investigate the origin and state-straying of Steelhead in Lake Erie tributaries. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 147:16-30.

Impact Publications:

Budnik, R.B, and J.G. Miner 2017. Novel aspects of stocked juvenile steelhead emigration patterns as revealed using dual-frequency identification sonar. Journal of Great Lakes Research 43:970-977.

Miller, J.W., P. M. Kocovsky, D. Wiegman, J. G. Miner. 2018. Fish community responses to submerged aquatic vegetation in Maumee Bay, Western Lake Erie. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 38:623-629.

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