Ray Larsen

Dr. Ray A. Larsen (Graduate Coordinator)

Ph. D., University of Montana   

Office:    431 Life Sciences Building
Phone:   1-419-372-9559
Email:     larsera@bgsu.edu     

Research: Transport and membrane energetics in bacteria


Research Interests:

My laboratory uses genetic and biochemical approaches to examine the mechanism by which the cytoplasmic membrane ion electrochemical potential is harnessed to energize the biogenesis and maintenance of the essentially non-energized outer membrane of Gram negative bacteria. Because the outer membrane is the principle interface between the organism and the environment, these studies impact a broad set of biological issues; ranging from ecology to pathogenesis (although the molecular biology and energetics are alone more than sufficient to keep us all very busy).

Selected Publications:

Gresock, M. G., M. I. Savenkova, R. A. Larsen, A. A. Ollis, and K. Postle. 2011. Death of the TonB shuttle hypothesis. Front. Microbiol. 2: 1-8.

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Weitzel, A.C., and R.A. Larsen. 2008. Differential complementation of ∆toA Escherichia coli by a Yersinia enterocolitica TolA homologue. FEMS Micro Lett 282: 81-88.

Keller, K. L., K. K. Brinkman, and R. A. Larsen. 2007. TonB/TolA amino-terminal domain modeling. Methods in Enzymology 423:134-148.

Larsen, R.A., G.E. Deckert, K.A. Kastead, S. Devanathan, K. L. Keller, and K. Postle. 2007. His20 provides the sole functionally significant side chain in the essential TonB transmembrane domain. J. Bacteriol. 189:2825-2833.

Postle, K., and Larsen, R. A. 2007. TonB-dependent energy transduction between outer and cytoplasmic membranes. BioMetals. 20:453-465.

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Larsen, R.A., Chen, G.J., Postle, K. 2003. Performance of standard phenotypic assays for TonB activity, as evaluated by varying the relative levels of functional, wild-type TonB. J. Bacteriol. 185:4699-4706.

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Larsen, R.A., Postle, K. 2001. Conserved residues S16 and H20, and their relative positioning, are essential for TonB activity, cross-linking of TonB with ExbB, and the ability of TonB to respond to proton motive force. J. Biol. Chem. 276:8111-8117.