Bowling Green State University Updates

Summer Academic and Youth Programs

Summer Academic and Youth Programs listed on our page have been certified which ensures these programs have done the following:  

  • followed university guidelines
  • registered with BGSU Risk Management
  • verified essential staff have completed youth training and passed state background checks

Looking for a program to participant in this summer?

Are you a Bowling Green State University Undergraduate or Graduate Student who is interested in working with and mentoring pre-college students? Click below for additional information about how to become a residential or day camp counselor for our summer academic and youth programs.

Have an interest in starting an academic summer program for students in your field or department? Already have a current program that could benefit from additional planning, marketing and recruitment efforts? Wondering how to host residential camps and where to find reliable chaperones? Click below for additional information on how to bring your idea to life that would be beneficial to BGSU and the community.