Firelands: Hero Story Camp

A kind female teacher spends time with her elementary school students, making learning enjoyable and fun while sparking curiosity and fostering a love for education.

 July 8 - 10, 2024                                      Register Now 

Welcome to "CREATE YOUR OWN HERO STORY" – an immersive 3-day summer camp designed for imaginative minds in grades 4-6! 

In this camp, campers will first learn about genres and different forms of media. Then, they will learn about the basic hero story theorized by Joseph Cambell that has been influential in literary studies and in popular culture. For example, George Lucas explicitly built Star Wars on Campbell's hero myth. The three basic parts of the hero story are departure, initiation, and return, and we will discuss what each of those parts entails, including analysis of popular culture examples to demonstrate each part. Campers will then develop and create their own project based on what they have learned. They will choose what medium they want to work in, what genre they want to work in, and what kind of story they want to create. With those choices made, campers will develop each part of the hero myth for their stories, along with, if they choose, some subparts that can apply. On the last day of the week of camp, campers will present their stories to everyone. 

Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey where you become the master of your own heroic narrative.

Camp Details

  • NON-Residential Day Camp 
  • Camp Dates:  July 8 - 10, 2024
  • Camp Times: 8:30 AM - 4 PM 
  • Meals Provided: Daily Lunch and Snack
  • Camp Cost: $195


  • Explore different ways of telling stories.
  • Learn the basic formula that hero stories follow.
  • Apply the hero story formula to a story you create.
  • Present your own hero story to your fellow campers.


  • Students entering 4th through 6th grade in fall of 2024 who are interested in learning more about being a content creator.

Camp Cost   

  • The $195 cost of camp covers all program materials,  lunch & snacks throughout the week as well as instruction and lab fees. 
  • Financial assistance is available in the form of campership applications and through partnered grants. 
    • Financial Assistance Information
  • Additionally families may find support through the Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment Educational Savings Program.

Discover the Magic of Storytelling:

At our camp, young storytellers will delve into the fascinating world of genres and various forms of media. From books to movies, comics to video games, campers will explore the diverse ways stories come to life.

Unveiling the Hero's Journey:

Guided by the legendary Joseph Campbell's hero story framework, campers will uncover the secrets behind the timeless tales that have captivated audiences for generations. Learn about the three crucial stages of the hero's journey: departure, initiation, and return. Dive into the intriguing connections between this narrative structure and iconic works like Star Wars, where George Lucas masterfully applied Campbell's insights.

Craft Your Own Adventure:

Armed with newfound knowledge, campers will have the unique opportunity to craft their own hero story. Choose your medium – whether it's writing, drawing, filmmaking, or another creative outlet. Select a genre that sparks your passion and dream up the kind of story you've always wanted to tell.

Develop Each Chapter:

With guidance and support, campers will meticulously develop each part of their hero myth, infusing personal flair into the narrative. Explore the potential for subplots and twists that add depth to your story. Through this process, participants will not only create a unique tale but also gain a deeper understanding of the storytelling craft.

The Grand Finale:

On the last day of camp, participants will proudly present their creations to an eager audience. Friends, family, and fellow campers will witness the culmination of a week of exploration, creativity, and storytelling magic. It's a celebration of each camper's unique hero story and the unforgettable memories forged during this extraordinary camp experience.

For this camp, you don't need to bring anything but your imagination and your willingness to learn.

Supplies and resources will be provided.

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