Newcomer of the Year Award

The Newcomer of the Year Award (originally titled Rookie of the Year Award) was first awarded in 2013. It was created to recognize a newer administrative staff member who has played an integral part at Bowling Green State University.

The award consists of a cash award of $200 as well as recognition at the annual ASC reception. Each recipient has the award recognition placed in their personnel file in Human Resources and a copy shared with their supervisor and area vice president.

Deadline for 2023-24 nominations is April 1, 2024.

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Administrative Staff Council Awards Banquet 2024
Adam Smith, 2023-24 Newcomer Award Winner

Criteria and Eligibility

Any administrative staff member who has been employed for at least one year, but less than three years is eligible for nomination.

The Newcomer of the Year award recognizes an administrative staff member who has implemented an idea, program or procedure designed to enhance or improve upon one of the following areas:

  • Student recruitment
  • Student retention
  • Student engagement

Nomination & Selection Procedures

Complete the official nomination form and include a narrative describing the nominee’s achievements and specific contributions. The narrative should be very specific as to how the nominee meets the eligibility criteria and what distinguishes and makes them deserve this award.

Nominations are accepted from current BGSU students, faculty, classified, and/or administrative staff members. Narratives must be typed, one page single spaced or two pages double spaced.

Selection of the winner is determined by an Administrative Staff Council (ASC) committee on the basis of the information supplied by the Nominator, through this process. The winner is announced and all nominees are acknowledged and honored at the annual ASC reception.


Rukayat Olunlade - Coordinator, External Engagement - Honors College


Stacy Kosciak - Deputy Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator - Intercollegiate Athletics


Kelli Schneider - College Credit Plus Programs


Gabe Dunbar - Office of Student Retention


Sara Thompson - Capital Campaign


Bethany Ash - EDHD-Office of Field Experience


Trinidy Jeter - Coordinator of Student & Campus Activities at Firelands Campus


Kristin Brewer - Centenial Residence Hall Director


Marie Dunn-Harris - Marketing and Communications


Holly Cipriani - College Credit Plus Programs


If you have questions about the awards criteria or confirmation of submission, please email

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