The Dr. Michael R. Ferrari Award

Deadline to nominate for 2022-2023 is March 31, 2023


The Dr. Michael R. Ferrari Award, presented to a member of the Administrative Staff, was authorized by the Board of Trustees in 1982 to honor Dr. Ferrari, who served as interim president during 1981-82.

During his tenure at Bowling Green State University, Dr. Ferrari faced adversities and challenges similar to those riddling the state of Ohio today, and his words, drawn from a lifetime of experiences in higher education, are guaranteed to inspire. Even in his early days in academia, Ferrari was ever cognizant of the “substantial reservoir of institutional pride that exists among faculty and staff” (at BGSU). He consistently discovered innovative and creative means through which to lead the institution in the midst of adversity. Dr. Ferrari’s legacy of executive leadership and continuity of character was celebrated by countless colleagues and friends who attend the annual Ferrari Award presentations.

Christine Celestino-Boes, 2021-2022 Ferrari Award Winner

Criteria and Eligibility

Any person who is a full-time member of the Administrative Staff, i.e., non-faculty contract employee, may be nominated. Nominee must have been an employee for at least one contract year and may not have received the award the previous year. Any nominations from previous years must be resubmitted. The prominence of the University position held by the nominee should not be considered in the nomination process.

Nominees must have exhibited attentiveness to the growth and development of the University, exceptional performance and a genuine sensitivity to others by showing an open, caring attitude. In addition, the nominee must demonstrate at least one of the following attributes:

  • Innovation and Initiative – Demonstration of resourcefulness in the work place, including the formulation and implementation of creative new ideas. These ideas should have improved the work environment, saved time/or money and , in general, contributed to the better overall efficiency and effectiveness of the University.
  • Performance – “Above and beyond” that required by the position, e.g., accepting special projects, additional responsibilities such as committee work, giving non-compensable time to effectively complete an assignment, service in professional organizations, or recognition brought to the University through the receipt of grants or through publications.
  • Relationship with University Community – The nominee must effectively interact with faculty, staff, or students in providing services that promote growth and harmony in their respective departments, areas, etc., as well as the campus.

Award & Selection Information

The recipient of this prestigious award receives an inscribed plaque, $1,000 dollars and a reserved parking space for one (1) year. A plaque bearing prior recipients and a picture of the winner is also placed on public display. Selection of the winner is determined by an Administrative Staff Council (ASC) committee on the basis of the information supplied by the Nominator, through this process. The winner is announced and all nominees are acknowledged and honored at the annual ASC reception.  

Nomination Procedures

Complete the fields at the bottom on this form and provide a written statement of why you are nominating this staff member. Obtain three (3) letters in support of the nominee. The letters of support must describe how long and in what capacity one has known the nominee and explain how they meet the qualifications, in accordance with the criteria. (Only 3 letters are required and no more than 5 will be accepted.) Submission of more than 3 letters does not increase a nominee’s chances of winning as all applications are reviewed equally. No additional accompanying or extraneous materials or documentation will be accepted.

This most distinguished honor has been awarded continuously since 1983 and the founding of the Administrative Staff Council. Winners are listed below:

  • 2022 - Christine Celestino-Boes - Assistant Director, Pathway Program - Firelands Student Services
  • 2021 - Dan Fischer - Intercollegiate Athletics
  • 2020 - Dermot Forde - HHS Advising Center
  • 2019 - Jason Walton - Theatre and Film
  • 2018 - Tom Cummings - Brodcast/IT
  • 2017 - Jeffery Jackson - Career Center
  • 2016 - John Ellinger - Chief Technology Officer
  • 2015 - Barbara Waddell - Chief Equity and Diversity Officer
  • 2014 - Carroll Feasel - Executive Assistant to the Dean and College Budget Director
  • 2013 - Connie Molnar - Director of the COBL (Center for Online and Blended Learning)
  • 2012 - James Elsasser - Athletics
  • 2011 - Jodi Devine - Honors
  • 2009 - Julie Carle - Marketing
  • 2008 - Laura Emch - Financial Aid
  • 2007 - Diane Regan - International Programs
  • 2006 - Barbara Hoffman - Wellness and Rehabilitation
  • 2005 - Robin Euler - Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
  • 2004 - JoAnn Kroll - Career Center
  • 2003 - Becky McOmber and Sheila Brown - BGSURA / Multicultural Affairs
  • 2002 - Bob Waddle - Capital Planning
  • 2001 - Larry Holland - Institutional Support
  • 2000 - Linda Swaisgood - Theatre and Film
  • 1999 - Cheryl Joyce - WBGU
  • 1998 - John Hartung - Firelands Admissions
  • 1997 - Tom Glick - Athletics
  • 1996 - Jill Carr - Student Support
  • 1995 - Norma Stickler - Administration
  • 1994 - Kenneth Schoeni - Athletics
  • 1993 - Ann Bowers - Center for Archival Collections
  • 1992 - Penny Nemitz - Academic Enhancement
  • 1991 - Dante Thurairatnam - Education
  • 1990 - Jane Schimpf - Food Operations
  • 1989 - Cindy Puffer - Student Health Services
  • 1988 - Richard Conrad - IT Sercices - chief equity and diversity officer
  • 1987 - George Howick - WBGU
  • 1986 - Gregg DeCrane - Student Organizations/Affairs
  • 1985 - Pat Fitzgerald - WBGU/ Learning Services
  • 1984 - Zola Buford - Associate Registrar and Director of Records
  • 1983 - Suzanne Crawford - Affirmative Action Office


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