B.G. Best Awards

Faith DeNardo

2021 BG Best Award Recipient
Faith DeNardo

The BG Best Award recognizes administrative staff members who have shown outstanding commitment to BGSU, implemented a new idea or program, and demonstrated exemplary commitment to the BGSU community.

Criteria and Eligibility

Any current full-time or part-time administrative staff m.ember is eligible for the award.

The BG Best Award recognizes administrative staff members who have demonstrated one or more of the following criteria during the past year of service:

  • Implemented a new idea or program to benefit the BGSU learning community.
  • Improved the quality of programs and/or services on the BGSU campus (Main or Firelands).
  • Shown an outstanding commitment to BGSU by their voluntary involvement in campus/community activities.
  • Provided excellent customer service to the BGSU community.
  • Demonstrated exemplary commitment to the core values of BGSU.

Presentation and Selection Information

The award(s) are given annually at the Spring ASC reception. The award(s) consists of a plaque, a cash award of $100.00, and an invitation to lunch with the BGSU President. Each recipient has the award recognition placed in their personnel file in Human Resources and a copy shared with their supervisor and area vice president.

Nomination Procedures

Complete the official nomination form below and attach a one-page, double-spaced narrative describing the nominee's achievements and contributions. Answer this question: What has your nominee done that distinguishes her/him in the selected criteria? Be specific as to the contributions that make her/him deserving of this award. The nomination form must include all pertinent information about the nominee’s qualifications for the award, and nominations are accepted from current BGSU students, faculty, classified, or administrative staff members.

Past BG Best Winners

Terence Armentano - On-Line & Summer Acad Progs

Robb Nardecchia - Marketing & Communications

Jennifer Buening - Academic & Career Counseling

Lona Leck - Recreation & Wellness

Jordan Cravens - University Advancements
Jessica Belcher - NWO/ Cosmos , Grant Projects

Jeremy Joseph - Learning Commons
Jason Janusziewicz - Administartion Staff
Brigitte Green-Churchwell - Teaching & Learning Center

Melissa Webb - Department of Engineering Technologies
Cindy Colvin - Academic Advisor

Donna Dick - Administartion Staff
Jeff Kegolis - Assistant Dean of Students

Nicholas Hennessy - Environment & Sustainability
Christopher Bullins - Residence Life

Christopher Bullins - Residence Life
Nicholas Hennessy - Environment & Sustainability

Scot Bressler - ICA
Dawn Vollmar - Financial Aid

Bryan Cavins - Recreational Sports
Gordy Heminger - Residence Life
Stan Lewis - Continuing Education

Steve Kendall - Student Tech. Center
Duane Whitmire - Student Money Mgmt.
Mary Beth Zachary - University Libraries

Becky Jaynes - Technology
Richard Rowlands - Research Compliance
Deb Smith - Graduate College
Tawn Williams-Nell - Bursars Office

Catherine Kocarek - Counseling Center
Kim Fleshman - Student Tech. Center

Lee Floro-Thompson - Inst. Media Services
Cindy Colvin - Arts and Sciences

Paul Lopez - WBGU-TV
Tim Koder - Development

Ann Bowers - Archival Collections
Linda Hamilton - Finance
Jan Ruffner - Purchasing
Laurel Damen - Theatre
Joyce Blinn - Academic Enhancement
May Beth Skelly - Academic Enhancement
Tim Carney - Residence Life
Florence Klopfenstein - Dining Services
Sheila Coressel - Residence Life
Darlene Thomas - Arts and Sciences
Team Award-Counseling Center: Claudia Clark, Rebecca Conrad Davenport, Catherine Kocarek, Mark Krautheim, Elizabeth Yarris, Bai-Yin Chen
Team Awards: Jeff Nelson, Jim Stainbrook, Michelle Simmons, Mike Failor

Michael Failor - ITS
Ann Jenks - Archival Collections
Sue Lau - Registration and Records
Thad Long - Recreational Sports
Jane Myers - Athletics
Jeff Nelson - Bookstore
Deborah Novak - Residence Life
Barb Toth - Academic Enhancement

Craig Bell - Marketing & Communications
John Clark - Administartion Staff
Sally Dreier - Administartion Staff
Penny Nemitz - Academic Enhancement
Nancy Vanderlugt - Department of Engineering Technologies

Terri Capellman - First Year Experience
Barbara Hoffman - Administartion Staff
Julia Maiuri - Residence Life
Lisa McHugh|- Academic Enhancement
Marcos Rivera - Office of Student Academic
Deb Wells - Administartion Staff

Dianne Abbott - Library Advisory
Debra K. Freyman - Biological Sciences
Kay Nickel Gudehus - Administration Staff
David G. Hampshire - Retirees Associations
Ute Lowery - Residence Life
Joseph E. Martini - Bursars Office
Diane Regan - Academic Affairs
Barbara Waddell - Equity & Diversity

Patricia Booth - Non-broadcasting Services Coordinator
Nancy Footer - Education & Human Development
Vicki Knauerhase - Athletics
Naomi Lee - Administration Staff
Phyllis Short - ITS
Lois Sonnenberg - Music Education
Suzanne Sopa - Office of Development
Andy Wickiser - Psychology

Daniel W. Schwab - Biological Sciences
Theresa Paxton - Biological Sciences
Robert Murphy - Administartion Staff
Rebecca McOmber - Registration and Records
JoAnn Kroll - Career Center & Student Employment
William Knight - Planning & Accountability
Laurel Damen - Purchasing
Carmen Castro-Rivera - Administartion Staff
Cecelia Born - Administartion Staff
Lorna Gonsalves-Pinto - Human Relations
Cheryl Purefoy - Administartion Staff
Deborah Conklin - Psychology