Winter Session

Make the most of your winter break

Use the winter session to catch up, make up, or get ahead! Whether you are a student at BGSU or guest from another college or university, our engaging, convenient, on-campus or online courses will help you keep moving forward in your education.

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Student FAQ's

Please find the Academic Calendar on the Registration and Records website for Winter Session dates. Some classes will occur more or less than the three weeks. Check the online class schedule, CANVAS, as well as the syllabus for your class for specific meeting times.

Yes! Students are not required to take classes during the Winter Session, as it is an optional session. Extended work opportunities, applying for jobs, and completing graduate school applications are all possibilities with the extended break.

Residences and some Dining Halls will be available during Winter Session. Food service locations will be limited based on enrollment and number of students attending the various locations. Some of the services provided at the locations will be limited over the winter break. Please note that parking restrictions will be enforced during Winter Session.

The Career Center will provide resources and services for students seeking to obtain an internship or job shadowing experience during Winter Session. BGSU has strong partnerships with many organizations, and the Career Center can help students explore how to connect with employers and make the most of Winter Session opportunities.

Admission to BGSU for undergraduate students is only for fall, spring, or summer. Admission for degree-seeking graduate students is primarily in fall or spring semesters, with some exceptions made based on program (please see each graduate program’s website for exceptions). Please contact the Office of Admissions with undergraduate student questions and the Graduate College with graduate student questions.

Students who are suspended or dismissed at the end of fall semester will automatically be dropped from their winter session classes. Students will be able to reenroll in winter session if they successfully appeal prior to the start of winter session.  Keep in mind, if they have financial aid, the SAP appeal process may come into play and impact their finances.

No, the Math Emporium in winter session is ONLY for those FINISHING their course. Any student who works through final exam week and does not complete the course will be eligible for winter session. Any student who drops the course will have to wait until spring semester to retake it.


Registration for Winter Session is open for all students. All students may register for up to six credit hours; requests for more than six credit hours must be made to your academic divisional advising office. For questions regarding course registration, contact your advisor.

Students will be able to enroll in Winter Session classes during Spring enrollment. Students can now view the enrollment appointment schedule for Spring.

International students are advised to contact International Programs and Partnerships at 419-372-2429 or

CCP students will NOT be able to enroll in courses offered during Winter Session term.  The 3-week timeframe of delivery will move at a much rapid pace than the standard semester and the Pre-College/College Credit Plus Office will be reviewing performance data relating to the undergraduates who enroll in these courses to determine if an application can be submitted by CCP students for future winter sessions to grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

All students who are interested in a short-term education abroad experience are required to apply. Begin the process by viewing information at Get Started. Once a program is selected, log into the application at using your My BGSU login credentials and complete the application materials.  

Education Abroad program registrations and cancellations are processed through International Programs and Partnerships. For questions about registration, contact International Programs and Partnerships at 419-372-0479 or by email at To learn more about education abroad program opportunities, visit

Academic experiences will include, but are not limited to, on campus, online, or hybrid courses including studying abroad or studying within the U.S., community-based learning (service-learning) courses, conducting research/scholarship/creative activities with a faculty mentor, or fulfilling an upper division major's class. 

Please check the online class schedule for these opportunities. Use the “Course Attribute” and “Course Attribute Value” drop down options to filter for web-based and experiential learning opportunities.

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) will provide resources and services for students seeking to conduct a research/scholarly/creative project with a faculty mentor during the Winter Session. Projects will vary by department and academic division. Students are encouraged to meet with professors during the fall semester to set up projects to work on during Winter Session or to contact the CURS director at or 419-372 3783. To learn more about the opportunities and resources provided by CURS, please visit The CURS website also lists research/scholarly/creative opportunities with faculty mentors in various departments.

Classes may have final exams associated with their curriculum. Students should consult the syllabus for the class.

No, students will not be able to graduate after Winter Session. However, students in Winters Session will be able to graduate at the end of Spring Semester if the courses taken during Winter Session fulfill graduation requirements.

Tuition and Fees

Winter Session tuition will be billed separately from the rest of the sessions within Spring Semester.   

Tuition will be charged on a per-credit hour basis, based on the student's campus.

For example, if a student is registered for 3 credit hours in winter session and 12 credit hours in spring session, the student will be charged for the 3 hours in winter session separately, for a total of 15 billed credit hours.  It will not fall under the capped tuition rate between 12-18 credit hours.

A regional campus student will pay regional campus tuition and fees. Winter Session fees are available on the BGSU Bursars website under “Tuition and Fees”.

Federal and state financial aid will be available and the hours taken during winter session will be added to all other credit hours taken during Spring Semester to determine overall enrollment. For example, a student enrolled in 3 credit hours during Winter Session and 9 credit hours during Spring Session will be considered full time with 12 credits for federal and state financial aid. Institutional scholarships will not be available for Winter Session, thus a student in the same scenario would be considered enrolled for 9 credits when determining institutional aid eligibility. We must have a current Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and have a complete financial aid file to be considered for federal and state aid. Winter Session will be its own line item on the bill, separate from all other sessions in Spring Semester. If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid office at 419-372-2651.

Campus Facilities

Yes, residence halls will be open, and on-campus housing is optional during the Winter Session. Students desiring to live on campus during this period must have a Housing & Meal Plan Contract on file in order to reside on campus during any part of the winter break or Winter Session periods.

Resident students who are not taking Winter Session classes, but do have a Residence Hall & Meal Plan Contract for the academic year and wish to return to campus early for spring session may do so and pay the daily break housing rate. These students must still request their early arrival through Residence Life’s on-line request form.

Winter Break housing, similar to other University housing over breaks, continues to be an option for students who need to stay on campus at any point during the time between the end of fall semester and beginning of spring session. Students who have a need to stay on campus during the winter break and Winter Session periods, without taking any on-campus class, must request approval through Residence Life’s online request form. Approvals will be granted though Residence Life, and approved students will pay a daily rate of $25.00.

Winter Housing Rates

Winter Session only (with on-campus class): $480.00

Daily rate (without on-campus class): $25.00

If you have further questions regarding housing during Winter Session, contact the Residence Life at or 419-372-2011.

A full list of dining locations and their hours of operation during Winter Session will be available at a later date on the Dining Services website.

All offices and services on the BGSU Firelands Campus will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, during winter session.

Yes, Jerome Library and BGSU Firelands Library will have limited hours during Winter Term. The hours of operation are as follows:

Jerome Library

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

BG Firelands Library

Monday- Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

*Hours subject to change

More detailed hours are available on the library's website.

International Student FAQs for Winter Session

Yes, international students can register for winter session classes if they wish.  They are not required to be enrolled in classes during the winter session to maintain their F1 status. 

International students can take up to 6 credit hours, which is the same number of credit hours any BGSU student is allowed to take.

Classes taken during the winter session will count towards full time status for the spring semester.  For example, if an undergraduate international student takes 3 credit hours in the winter session, he/she only needs to register for 9 credit hours for the rest of the spring semester to maintain full time status.  If a graduate international student takes 3 credit hours in the winter session, he/she only needs to register for 5 credit hours for the rest of the spring semester to maintain full time status.

Yes, international students can work 28 hours a week on campus.  Off-campus employment has to meet Curriculum Practical Training requirements and needs to be pre-approved by International Programs and Partnerships for the spring semester.

International can take multiple online courses, but only ONE (up to 3 credits) will count towards their full-time enrollment requirement. This one online class can be taken during the Winter Session or the Spring semester.

Last Updated: 10/31/18