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$50 discount per credit hour (up to 6 credit hours) applies to BGSU main campus Undergraduate students taking summer session classes on-campus and/or online. Graduate, Distance and eCampus students do not qualify.

Summer Discount SAVE $50 per credit hour!*

Join more than 7,000 BGSU students who take advantage of Summer Session to speed up completion of their degree, ease their course load, become familiar with campus, and benefit from smaller classes. 

Summer Session provides you with the flexibility and variety you need to stay on track—online, on campus or abroad. Choose from the extensive schedule of undergraduate and graduate courses offered in 3 to 8 weeks.

Bowling Green & Firelands Campus (2017)

3-Week Session: May 15 – June 2
12-Week Session: May 15 – August 4
First 6-Week Session: May 15 – June 23
8-Week Session: June 12 – August 4
Second 6-Week Session: June 26 – August 4


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By taking classes in the summer you’ll experience smaller classes sizes with more opportunities to connect with your classmates and your professors.

My professor did a good job teaching the course, and having a small class size and only focusing on one class made it very easy to learn the materials. – Junior Summer 2016

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Give yourself the competitive advantage of taking more advanced courses in the fall and spring by completing general education courses (BGPs) over the summer.

I took summer classes to get classes I had to take done faster, to make room for classes that I really wanted to take during the normal school year. – Sophomore Summer 2016


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Participating in an internship, study abroad trip or research project while taking a class or two online over the summer can set you up to graduate early and begin your career sooner.

Everything was easy to do and well done. I learned a lot in my internship and the university made it extremely easy to communicate and complete my school work from off campus. – Junior Summer 2016

Any student who has a valid BGSU e-mail account may register for summer classes on the web using MyBGSU.

View full listings of registration system hours and dates of availability.

Those students without BGSU e-mail accounts (such as new undergraduate Guests, former students, Graduate Non-degree students, Graduate degree-seeking students) will be sent instructions on how to sign up for their BGSU e-mail account on-line once their application has been submitted.

For further information, send email to: .

Please include your name, BGSU I.D. number, and contact information.




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