University Stationery

Stationery that incorporates the BGSU logo is available to the University community. This is the official design, as approved by the President’s Cabinet. It provides a consistent identity for the University, and all academic and administrative areas are expected to comply with its usage.

Stationery available through Office Depot

BGSU has contracted with Office Depot to supply stationery for the main campus and BGSU Firelands. All areas are expected to use the centralized, Web-based ordering system maintained by Office Depot. Those authorized to place orders for office supplies may go to their site and select "custom printing" from the menu bar.

For more information, click on the link “Office Depot Stationery Ordering Instructions.”
Currently available are letterheads, no. 10 envelopes (window and non-window) and business cards. Plans to broaden products include 9x12 envelopes, note cards, pads, mailing labels, etc.

For more information visit  BGSU Stationery Questions & Answers

Letterhead template for Microsoft Word users

Letterhead template for Microsoft word for BGSU Main Campus.

Letterhead template for Microsoft word for BGSU Firelands.

Note: The black-only letterhead template is intended for mass mailing use only.

Note: The 2-color stationery should NEVER be reproduced on laser or inkjet printers because the official BGSU orange cannot be accurately reproduced.

Note: If an area plans to use the Word templates for the letterhead, they should order the black only no. 10 envelops from Office Depot to match their letterhead.