The Official Identity Colors

BGSU Orange

The principal identity color of BGSU is orange. When possible, this color should appear on any visual communication. The BGSU orange was chosen because it is a medium value color so it can be used on either a light or dark background. In addition, white and black type also remains very legible when printed on the BGSU orange. In most cases, the BGSU orange should be used as an accent color with black since black is a more legible text color.

The BGSU orange is the only color, other than black, that is permitted for use on University stationery and business cards (see University stationery“).

The formulas for the BGSU orange are dependent on what form of media is being employed. The formulas for the BGSU orange are:

orange image
Pantone® color: PMS 021
Process formula: 65M/90Y*
RGB formula: R:255/G:115/B:0*
HTML color # FF7300*

BGSU Brown

The secondary identity color of BGSU is brown. Variations of brown are permitted and the user may choose to use black in lieu of the brown because it may appear more legible.

The formulas for the BGSU brown are:

brown image
Pantone® color: PMS 4625
Process color: 30C/72M/74Y/80K*
RGB formula:
HTML color # 4f2c1d*

Basic identity colors

Both black and white may be used with or as a substitute for the official identity colors.

* These are the recommended PMS color equivalents (See “Definitions of terms”). Note: The colors reproduced in this manual were created using process colors.