The Official Identity Colors

Our color palette is built around our primary BGSU Orange and Brown. While this palette is limited, it offers the versatility needed to keep communications looking fresh and dynamic.


These are our core colors. They identify our school and should be the most prominent colors in any piece.

BGSU Orange

Pantone® PMS 166 C
CMYK: 0C/76M/100Y/0K*
RGB: R:253/G:80/B:0*
HTML # FD5000*

BGSU Brown

Pantone® PMS 4625
CMYK: 30C/72M/74Y/80K*
RGB: R:79/G:44/B:29*
HTML color # 4f2c1d*


These colors add variety to the brand. Our secondary palette includes warm and cool hues that add energy and vibrancy to the BGSU Orange and Brown in the primary palette.


CMYK: 0/3/25/71
RGB: 245/193/100
HEX: #f5c163


CMYK: 28/37/51/1
RGB: 186/156/128
HEX: #b99b80


CMYK: 9/40/38/0
RGB: 227/164/146
HEX: #e3a492


CMYK: 0/65/53/0
RGB: 243/123/108
HEX: #f37b6c


CMYK: 51/10/36/0
RGB: 128/186/172
HEX: #80baac


CMYK: 88/49/47/20
RGB: 28/98/109
HEX: #1c626d

Color Ratio

Our primary colors Orange and Brown should be predominant in most layouts. Never use secondary colors in this way. By leading with our primary colors, we can celebrate the pride we have in our institution and incorporate a thoughtful amount of negative space. Rather than viewing white space as a blank area, think of it as a pause. Whether it’s in a photo or a layout, don’t rush to fill negative space. What’s absent can focus attention on the content that’s there.

Ratios on individual pages, spreads, layouts and even full communications can vary. The important thing to remember is that our primary colors should be the predominant colors overall. When viewing all the pieces the university creates and applying the “squint test” to the brand as a whole, the balance of color should feel close to what’s shown here.




Updated: 05/05/2022 08:54AM