Visually presenting the University in an authentic and unique photographic style is the best way to captivate our audience and emotionally connect with the students. We use a wide range of photographs to showcase our unique people, experiences and settings. Whether we’re using existing photos or shooting new images, each image should fall into one of the following categories: portraits, moments and places.

Photography plays a major role in overall composition, so it’s important to choose the best possible image for every layout. Full bleed photos convey a sense of openness and create negative space that leaves ample room for messaging. Be sure to select photos that feel candid and natural and relate well to the content

The University has award-winning photographers on staff to produce assets used in a variety of BGSU channels. From the BGSU Magazine to outdoor billboards to admissions materials, our photographers shoot thousands of images annually.

Marketing and Event Photography

If you would like to request photography for marketing materials or inquire about having a photographer at an upcoming event, please submit a marketing project request. Please note that requests must be able to demonstrate how the photos will be used to advance a marketing and communications goal or initiative.

Updated: 10/03/2023 08:40AM