The BGSU Logo

The Bowling Green State University logo is one of the most visible and recognizable elements of our identity.

The BGSU logo represents us at the very highest level and is vitally important to our brand. It acts as a signature, an identifier and a stamp of quality. It is, and should always be, the most consistent component in our communications.
In order to maintain this consistency, a few simple guidelines should be followed.

bgsu orange

The Official BGSU Logo and How to Use it

The BGSU logo is the official identifier and may be used only for purposes that will promote the goals of the University.
All communications, both print and electronic, published by Bowling Green State University, must prominently display an
approved logo.

  • Treat the logo as artwork, not as typography. The logo should be treated as a graphic icon.
  • Other logos that represent an individual academic/administrative area should never appear on stationery.
  • This includes office letterheads, news releases, envelopes and business cards. However, individual area marks can be used on materials other than stationery as long as the BGSU logo appears prominently.
  • All uses of the BGSU logo must follow the approved University logo policy.

bgsu logo in orange 

Preferred Logo

The Pantone, CMYK or RGB orange logo is preferred. Use Pantone or CMYK for any print use such as collateral or business materials. Use RGB for electronic use such as PowerPoint presentations, digital or video.

bgsu logo in brown 

Brown Logo

When the orange logo will not work.

bgsu logo in white on background of orange 

Reverse (Knockout) Logo

Use the reverse logo for applications on color or photographic backgrounds. Always ensure that the background you choose provides sufficient contrast for the logo.

Things to Avoid

Avoid these pitfalls when using the logo.

DON’T skew, stretch or bend the logo in any way.

stretched bgsu logo

DON’T skew, stretch or bend the logo in any way.

bgsu logo at 45 degree angle

DON’T use extreme drop shadows or other visual effects.

bgsu with severe drop shadow

DON’T use any colors other than those specified in this document.

tan bgsu logo

DON’T apply brand treatments to the logo.

gradient on bgsu logo

DON’T crop the logo.

bgsu logo cropped off

DON’T outline the logo.

outline of bgsu logo

DON’T apply the logo to a background that doesn’t provide adequate contrast.

orange logo on dark night campus photo


In designing our logo, careful attention was paid to how it scales up and down, ensuring legibility at any size. It’s important that the logo always be prominent and legible, so keep these considerations in mind when using it in layout.

Clear Space

When using the logo, include enough clear space to set it apart from other design elements. Use half the width of the G in BGSU as a measuring tool to help maintain clearance.

1/2 of Letter G = X Height of the logo

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility, follow these size requirements. When reproduced any smaller than these sizes, the logo becomes difficult to read and illegible.

BGSU Logo fd5000

.75” or 100px

Updated: 01/30/2024 01:18PM