BGSU Stationery Questions & Answers

The new stationery is the official design that was approved by the President's Cabinet. It provides a consistent identity for the University, and all academic and administrative areas are expected to comply with its usage. If an area has a customized graphic, it may be used on print materials such as flyers and brochures (in addition to the BGSU logo) but NOT on stationery or business cards. Area exceptions are listed at the Graphic Standards Web site under “Use of other logos.”

After careful selection of paper stocks and projected orders, Office Depot is able to provide two-color printing to the campus community without increased expense to individual areas. Areas will notice the prices are comparable to or less than what they were paying in the past for one-color stationery. In addition, the individual unit cost of the stationery will decrease as quantities increase. When possible, areas are advised to combine their staff's business card orders or consider larger orders to take advantage of quantity discounts.

Some compromises had to be made when BGSU switched over to standardized business cards, and we tried to address the majority's needs. Persons with multiple titles, phone numbers, addresses, etc., may order two different cards and distribute them appropriately. Those with long titles will have to abbreviate to fit. The automated system cannot accommodate special requests.. The cost savings campuswide outweigh any inconvenience. At $22.08 for 500 cards (and even less for larger and multiple orders), no local vendor can offer the same quality and cost. Everyone's cooperation and understanding is needed and expected.

It was decided that it was best to route all Web users through the BGSU home page so the user may view a variety of options at the University and the most current information.

The BGSU Custom Stationery Online order site is located at and found under the Custom Printing tab.

Individuals who have been given the authorization to order office supplies will be able to order BGSU branded stationery.

While viewing the online 'print preview' you can either 'print screen' or right-hand click on the image, save to your hard drive (jpeg format) and send an email with attachment for proof approval.

Products have pre-determined per box quantities of (500) unless otherwise specified. You can order business cards in 1, 2, 4 or 8 box quantities. Envelopes and letterhead are available in 2, 5, and 10 box quantities. The reason for this relates to the plate generating and print production processes. Adopting this process allows us to gain efficiencies and cost savings.

Office Depot utilizes state-of-the-art print and imaging technology. Your order is put into process almost immediately upon completing the checkout transaction. Therefore, canceling an order is not feasible.

5-7 business days once order is submitted.

Product pricing on the site is all inclusive of typesetting, proofing and shipping charges.

Any questions about using the Office Depot site should be directed to their Custom Stationery Online Customer Support Desk by email at Onlineprint&, or by phone at 1-800-499-8000.