Typography Overview

When it’s used thoughtfully, typography becomes a powerful brand tool that can add visual meaning to what we say.

The BGSU brand uses a variety of typefaces, that offer flexibility and balance, across all communications and for
a variety of audiences.

  • Kepler is our sophisticated serif that is used for headlines and subheads.
  • Europa is our workhorse sans that complements Kepler by being used at mostly small sizes in subheads and body copy.
  • Univers Roman is the font for our body copy. This is also the same font as our BGSU logo.

Together, these typefaces help create a clear visual hierarchy and keep our content legible and engaging.


As a graceful serif typeface, Kepler can feel either formal or casual, depending on how the text is used. With its delicate proportions and higher contrast, Kepler is used only for headlines and subheads and should not be used at small sizes for captions and body copy.

Kepler is available for use at Adobe Fonts after logging into BGSU Adobe Creative Cloud.


Europa is a flexible typeface that feels neutral, contemporary and utilitarian. The workhorse of our layouts with its clean design and wide range of weights, Europa is primarily used for body copy and smaller headlines, but can be used at larger sizes when necessary.

Europa is available for use at Adobe Fonts after logging into BGSU Adobe Creative Cloud.


Univers is a flexible typeface that BGSU has utilized in its brand for over eight years. Currently, transitioning into Roman from condensed font face which is more legible at less point sizes.

Univers is available from Information Technology Services (ITS). Please email vbeth@bgsu.edu with your asset number and contact information. ITS will download the purchased font onto your device. Helvetica or Ariel can be used when Univers is not available.

Updated: 04/11/2023 10:34AM