BGSU Graphic Standards Manual

One of the many things that impressed me when I came to BGSU is our strong visual identity. A consistent identity is essential in establishing a brand that is instantly recognized by our faculty, staff and students, potential students and their families, and by those in many diverse communities.

The Office of Marketing & Communication is responsible for maintaining the official set of graphic standards that are the basis of the BGSU identity. The Graphic Standards Manual provides an identity program for Bowling Green State University in visual communication. Each University area that produces visual communications is expected to comply with this policy. While the manual outlines new and important standards to follow, it still leaves ample room for flexibility and creativity.

I ask that every administrative and academic area comply with these standards so that BGSU continues to be readily identified in a clear and consistent manner. This manual answers some of the most frequently asked questions about graphic standards. If further assistance is necessary, please contact BGSU’s Office of Marketing & Communications at 419-372-2616 or for Athletics contact Licensing Resource Group at 616-395-0676

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Rodney K. Rogers, '81