Brand Standards and Guidelines

Bowling Green State University is a public university for the public good. It is more than a tagline, more than a motto. It is who we are, who we have always been.

As Falcons, we have a special obligation to create good. We are a high research, comprehensive, nationally ranked university of value that doesn’t settle. This document captures it all — how we tell our story, convey who we are and share the work we’re doing with others.

What is a brand?

It’s more than a logo, a slogan, a mascot or an ad campaign. It’s long-lasting, with enduring strength. It is what people think of when they hear Bowling Green State University.

A brand is:
The promise we make to our audiences
The essence of our organization
The experience we create
The personality we convey
The message we deliver
The identity we express

What will our brand standards do?

As people, our messages are crafted based on who we’re speaking to, the personality infused in them and the words being communicated. The same can be said for a brand.
This document will define each component of our brand to illustrate who BGSU is and why we matter to
the region.

The Bowling Green State University brand reflects more than a century of creating public good and is recognized throughout the world.

While the Office of Marketing and Brand Strategy is tasked with its cultivation and protection, the entire BGSU community has a shared responsibility to be good stewards of the BGSU brand. We want to ensure you have the tools to do so.

These brand guidelines serve as a resource as you represent BGSU and include standards for the use of logos, colors, fonts, images and overall visual identity, as well as messaging and voice.

We are here to help you advance the brand through the work of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. If you need further assistance, please contact the Office of Marketing and Brand Strategy at 419-372-2616 or the Athletics Licensing Resource Group at 616-395-0676.

Updated: 04/12/2022 03:03PM