Marketing & Communications

The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for "Telling Our Story."

We develop and implement comprehensive and strategic marketing and communication plans at the University and unit levels to ensure consistent branding and more effectively articulate the quality and value of BGSU to alumni, friends and prospective students. We create strategies that support messaging around research, creative activity, service, diversity, inclusion and engagement to demonstrate to the public BGSU’s importance and relevance.

The department is comprised of communication managers (CMs) who are the liaisons between our creative teams and the units throughout the University. They are the strategists and project managers who help create and execute the comprehensive and strategic marketing and communication plans.

The creative teams help execute the plans through print design, web design, electronic marketing design, advertising materials, photography, video, media, social media content and event support. 

We look forward to working together to Tell Our Story!

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We are comitted to hiring and training the very best people who strive for continuous education and innovation.

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Ready to get started?

The first step in any project is to consider the objective. Think about what you hope to achieve, the audience you need to reach and your key message. Once this has been discussed and approved with various stakeholders in your department, please reach out to your communications manager to create a marketing and communications plan. 

Your communication manager is your consultant for any initiative that promotes Bowling Green State University. A general rule of the thumb is to include CMs for external and University wide initiatives. If you are unsure about a project, we encourage you to reach out. The CMs are a great resource and want to be included early in the planning phase.

Your request will be evaluated as part of the overall University's strategic plan. Marketing and Communications plan.