Digital Signage

Digital screens at Bowling Green State University serve as a visual communications medium to inform students, faculty, staff and visitors about the University, specific departments, University-sponsored events and announcements. Marketing and Brand Strategy manages a feed that is displayed on all digital signs across campus, excluding signs used to display variable data information menus, ice times, etc.

Information displayed includes (but is not limited to):

  • Upcoming programs and speakers
  • Campus-wide initiatives
  • Relevant campus news (new programs, important dates/reminders, etc.)
  • Student organization activities
  • Emergency messages

Marketing and Communications reserves the right to decrease or increase the display time of each slide, depending on the event advertised and the number of slots available.  


  • Submit screen 2 weeks prior to the posting date
  • Have a clear call to action
    • Include how to register/sign up
    • Timeline or deadline
    • Ways to obtain more information
  • Make screen size 1920x1080 pixels
    • Disregarding this screen size may cause display issues
  • Approximately 15 words per screen
  • One "message" per sign
  • Include department/office name or logo
  • Include a way to get more information
    • Phone number, email, website URL
  • Submit sign as an image/jpg


  • Don't place text near the edges of the screen
    • Must leave a 5% (54 pixels) border
  • Don't submit more than 6 slides to be placed into rotation at one time
  • Don't clutter the sign with too much content
    • You only have a few seconds to capture viewers’ attention
  • Don't promote inappropriate content that is not in accordance with BGSU goals, objectives and policies