Vanity URL Request

A Vanity URL is a short, easy to remember URL that you can use on print materials or use on character-restricted social media like Twitter to direct users to a webpage with an otherwise lengthy URL path.

Vanity URLs are meant for non-digital or character restricted digital media.  They should not be requested simply because a shorter/cleaner URL is preferred.

All vanity URLs begin with the standard domain name, followed by a backslash \ and then either a simple keyword, phrase, or other combination of keywords. You should choose keywords that are relevant to the page or site, the content, or mean something to the user who will need to remember the vanity URL to type into a browser later.

Vanity URLs can be adjusted later to point to different pages - or pages can be updated to reflect new content. This means there is no need to create a new vanity URL each year for an event. Use a simple vanity URL that the user can always remember for the event no matter when it occurs, and either work with Marketing & Brand Strategy to update the vanity URL each year, or update the content on your page to reflect the newest event.

Vanity URLs should NOT have any other backslashes or structure to them.

Updated: 08/02/2021 01:35PM