Focus on the Future

Three Imperatives for 2019-Present


Redefining success for undergraduate students (Priority Initiative #1)


Enhance culture to support diversity and belonging (Priority Initiative #7)


Achieving excellence and efficiency through practices and reconfiguration
(Priority Initiative #12, #14)

Strategic Objectives

Redefining Student Success


Provide undergraduate and graduate students (traditional and post-traditional) a demonstrably superior and innovative learning experience that intentionally prepares them to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Increasing and Connecting our Research and Creative Activities for Public Good


Support and focus BGSU's research and creative activities to serve the public interest and support our commitment to the public good.


Empowering and Supporting our People to Achieve Excellence


Support all individuals to build a quality learning community that fosters diversity and inclusion, collaboration, creativity, and excellence.

Advancing our Impact through Engagement


Expand domestic and international engagement and partnerships to benefit students, academic programs, research, and outreach.

Aligning for Excellence and Value


Enhance the quality and value of a BGSU education by developing a physical, organizational, academic, and financial infrastructure that ensures the University’s short- and long-term vitality and success.

Telling Our Story


Raise BGSU’s profile as a national, comprehensive research university that drives the social, economic, educational, and cultural vitality of our region, nation, and world.