University Learning Outcomes

Each of the major areas of study at Bowling Green State University holds high and explicit expectations for student learning; these expectations are embodied in learning outcomes for each of the majors. Even though the learning outcomes are necessarily different from major to major – to accommodate the specialized knowledge of music to marketing; health to history; teacher preparation to technology – all our majors share fundamental educational values, which are described by the University Learning Outcomes. The University Learning Outcomes are also expectations of our general education program and of the many facets of student life, ranging from residence halls to student clubs and organizations. Thus, the University Learning Outcomes are a statement of our common responsibility for shared educational values, despite differences in the content of the many majors, disciplines, and activities offered at Bowling Green State University.

Please click here for specific University Learning Outcomes.

To aid in the assessment process of the University Learning Outcomes, the corresponding AAC&U VALUE Rubrics are available in Canvas. To access the AAC&U VALUE Rubric learning outcomes, please use the following steps:

  1. Select Course
  2. Click on Outcomes on the left navigation bar
  3. Click on Find
  4. Select Account Standards
  5. Select BGSU-ACAD
  6. Select Core LO's
  7. Then, select one of the Outcomes (Critical Thinking, Engagement, Information Literacy, Inquiry, Oral Communication, or Written Communication)
  8. Finally, select the sub-component of the outcome of interest

Once you select the outcomes in Canvas, you can then use them as a Criteria for your Rubric within an Assignment by clicking on Find Outcome in the Rubric. The Office of Academic Assessment (OAA) can retrieve these data. If you have any questions about this process, please contact OAA.

Updated: 03/26/2024 10:39AM