BGSU Graduation Survey

Graduation Survey Process

The Graduation Survey is reported by academic year (summer, fall, and spring). The data are gathered around the time of commencement and six-months after commencement by the BGSU Office of Academic Assessment (OAA). Students at each commencement ceremony receive a condensed version of the Graduation Survey on the back of their commencement card. This version contains three questions: employment status, overall BGSU experience satisfaction, and an option to identify a faculty/staff member who made a difference.

Two weeks prior to commencement students who applied for graduation are sent the full, online Graduation Survey via email. This online Graduation Survey remains open until a few weeks after commencement and students are sent multiple email reminders. The online Graduation Survey uses Qualtrics survey software. The survey consists of multiple choice and open-ended items; however, the number and type of questions students are asked to complete depends upon how they responded to the first question (employment status) and at what point they exited the survey. The employment status question is the only required question on the Graduation Survey.

OAA compiles the two versions of the survey data (card and online) gathered around the time of commencement and deletes duplicate responses. Using data from the Office of Institutional Research, OAA eliminates students who were not officially cleared for graduation from the Graduation Survey data.

Students who responded that they were “looking for a job” on the Graduation Survey at commencement are sent a follow-up survey six months after graduation. They receive multiple email reminders. OAA incorporates the updated follow-up responses into the original commencement data file. OAA removes students who did not respond to the follow-up Graduation Survey from the final data set.

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Updated: 08/16/2022 10:08AM