BGSU Graduation Survey

The Office of Academic Assessment administers BGSU’s Graduation Survey to gather data regarding degree-earning students’ employment status and satisfaction with their experience. The Graduation Survey Results report presents summary data including survey response rates, employment status, and overall level of satisfaction for survey years 2015-2016 to 2022-2023. The report can be filtered to view summary data from any survey year, college, or major.

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Who is included in the Graduation Survey Results data?

  • All respondents who, at the time of commencement, indicated post-graduation employment plans other than looking for a job, including: accepted or continuing a jobseeking further educationin the process of opening/starting a business, completing post-graduate internshippostponing job searchcommitted to a volunteer/service position, or none of the above.
  • And respondents who indicated they were looking for a job at the time of commencement and responded to the 6-month follow-up survey.

Additional information about the Graduation Survey can be found within the report. For questions, contact the Office of Academic Assessment

Updated: 04/03/2024 07:36PM