Co-Curricular Assessment

BGSU Co-Curricular Definition: activities, experiences, and/or initiatives primarily existing outside of formal degree completion content, processes, and/or disciplines that support the achievement of the University Learning Outcomes (emphasis on Integrative Learning, i.e., integrate, apply, and reflect and Engagement i.e., personal and social responsibility and engaging with others) 

BGSU Co-Curricular Committee
· Eileen Bosch – University Libraries
· Jacob Clemens – President’s Leadership Academy
· Faith DeNardo – Wellness Connection
· Gabe Dunbar – Life Design
· Brett Holden – Learning Communities
· Sarah Jurden – AIMS (Academic Investment in Math and Science)
· John Lommel – Institutional Effectiveness
· Cordula Mora – Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship
· Jessica Turos – Academic Assessment

BGSU assesses its co-curricular areas using a template that incorporates an adapted AAC&U Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric focusing on connections to the experience and reflection/self-assessment.

· Co-Curricular Assessment Plan Template  

· Co-Curricular Assessment Report Template

Updated: 03/02/2023 10:55AM