Office of Academic Assessment (OAA) Strategic Plan

3-Year Strategic Iniatives
3-Year Activities to Accomplish Initiatives Measures of Success
1. Champion the use of data to improve student outcomes focused onlearning and equity in assessment.

a. Address the needs of institutional data stakeholders

b. Develop training in the use of assessment systems and the analysis of results, with attention to data accuracy, integrity, reliability, validity, interpretation, and equity-minded assessment

c. Develop regular data-informed, multiple data points reports for Provost and academic offices

d. Establish processes or criteria/guidelines to ensure reliability of data and a focus on equity-minded assessment

e. Support University initiatives (e.g., Higher Learning Commission accreditation, Signature Work/Integrative Learning, Life Design, program review, etc.) in their use of data to improve/enhance learning

f. Enhance the learning outcomes (programs, BGP, and University) assessment processes and incorporate equity-minded assessment practices

Increased cooperation and discussion with data stakeholders; Actual metrics documenting data use in support of student learning; Actual reports; Updated processes
2. Develop and monitor assessment processes for co-curricular activities leading to data-informed improvement toward goals.

a. Articulate an institutionalized definition of "Co-curricular"

b. Keep track of existing co-curricular assessments

c. Develop and disseminate benchmarked co-curricular assessment forms and processes

d. Form a co-curricular assessment committee and articulate its charge

Actual publication of institutionalized definition; Actual records (nature and effectiveness of co-curricular activities are being documented in an ongoing manner); Actual committee membership, articulated charge and committee minutes
3. Strive for continuous improvement and standards of excellence within OAA.

a. Develop Annual OAA Calendar

b. Use of OAA data reports to inform continuous improvements or the development of metrics of effectiveness

c. Complete and submit Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Narrative for continued EIA designation

d. Develop training materials and professional development focusing on continuous improvement and equity-minded assessment

e. Collaborate with assessment professionals to review benchmarks and best practices

Actual OAA approved Annual Calendar; Actual OAA data reports; Renewal of EIA designation; production of resources and training materials; Documentation of cross-institutional assessment collaboration
4. Promote broad-based campus data access and literacy to support informed and meaningful decision-making at pertinent institutional levels.

a. Develop and disseminate regular OAA data briefs

b. Develop Power BI dashboards for internal and external constituents

c. Provide Executive Summaries of surveys/data (NSSE, Graduation Survey, Course Evaluations, etc.)

d. Develop a robust Office of Academic Assessment website

Actual executive summaries, briefs, reports, and dashboards; Updated website

5. Intentionally engage students in the assessment process through the Student Learning Analysts (SLA) program.

a. Update SLA assessment trainings

b. Guide SLA undergraduate students on assessment projects

c. Evaluate student engagement in assessment activities

Training documentation; Actual SLA assessment executive summaries and reports; Evaluation data summary

Alignment with BGSU Strategic Plan – Forward   

The work the OAA engages in directly aligns with Strategic Objective 1. Driving public good through redefining student success, Initiative 2: Intense focus on outcomes. The work OAA does also supports Initiative 3: Differentiating the traditional undergraduate experience (Strategic Objective 1), Initiative 8: Telling our story (Strategic Objective 2 - Creating public good through research, creative activities, partnerships and engagement), Initiative 9: Culture of inclusion, respect and curiosity (Strategic Objective 3 - Powering public good through our people and community), Initiative 10: Teaching and service excellence (Strategic Objective 3), and Initiative 13: Enhancing value (Strategic Objective 4 - Supporting public good through efficient and effective processes, structures and technologies).

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