Evaluation of Teaching & Learning

Bowling Green State University’s University-wide Evaluation of Teaching and Learning is administered to students each semester, allowing them to provide feedback about their courses. BGSU Faculty Senate and Academic Affairs collaborated to develop a set of common University questions on course expectations, feedback and assessment, support for student success, and engagement. The common course evaluation questions were developed by an ad hoc committee, inclusive of faculty, administrators, union, undergraduate and graduate student representation. The questions were piloted in AY2017-2018 and fully implemented in Fall 2018.

Download the University-wide Course Evaluation Instructor Guide

Download the University-wide Course Evaluation Administrator Guide 

The University-wide Evaluation of Teaching and Learning is composed of six, common questions, which are asked across all courses, followed by optional questions that specific colleges or departments have developed in collaboration with the Office of Academic Assessment. The six common questions provide a focus on continuous improvement and all begin with the statement, “the instructor.” The questions align with 5 categories, as summarized below:

Category 1: Expectations
1. The instructor clearly explains course objectives and requirements.

2. The instructor sets high standards for learning.

Category 2: Feedback and Assessment
3. The instructor offers helpful and timely feedback throughout the semester.

Category 3: Support for Student Success
4. The instructor provides opportunities and/or information to help students succeed (for example, tutoring resources, office hours, mentoring, research projects, etc.).

Category 4: Engagement
5. The instructor encourages student participation (for example, by inviting questions, having discussions, asking students to express their opinions, or other activities).

Category 5: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
6. The instructor creates an environment of respect.

Students indicate their agreement with each common question using the following scale:
1. Strongly Disagree
2. Disagree
3. Neither Agree Nor Disagree
4. Agree
5. Strongly Agree

Students also can provide comments on each of the six questions. All course evaluation results are reported to instructors and administrators anonymously.

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