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Visual artist Yusuf Lateef is committed to the community

When visual artist Yusuf Lateef creates, it is never a singular effort.

The 38-year-old Old West End resident takes along on his artistic ride those he says have paved the way for him to do what is firmly fixed in his psyche.

“I know that I am part of a larger community. To talk about things I’ve been able to do, I have to include everybody else who helped me do that,” he said.

“I’m walking in the groove which they created.”

Lateef unravels the list of names in tales of his journey as a painter and muralist. Now the creator of more than 15 public murals in Toledo and a co-founder of Radiant City Arts, a thriving educational outreach company that engages youth through music, video production, visual art and poetry, Lateef’s work is emblematic of young, black, and gifted communities seeking an expressive outlet.

His checklist includes his parents...

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Leigh-Ann Pahapill - "What Does Art do?"

Rendering Visible Interdisciplinary Approaches to Media Art and Design Research:

Abstract: A case study on art and design methodology in the face of seemingly conflicting interdisciplinary imperatives, this
paper will explore the ways that the critical apparatus of contemporary art practice can put pressure on the collaborative
research project deliverable. How are the limits and opportunities of data visualization like any other signifying system
utilized by artists and designers? Are the roles of visual language different across disciplines? Who is the intended audience
for this research creation and why/how is it art? More importantly, what can art do for the question? Must making visible
research questions necessitate legibility? What is the capacity of unintelligibility to transform visual language and user
experience in an art and design collaboration? Is it possible to represent data in such a way that makes visible the complex
phenomena that it purports to represent?



Terry-Fritsch wins Italian Art Society Grant for 2014

Professor Allie Terry-Fritsch (Art History) has won the 2014 Italian Art Society Research & Publication Grant. She will use the grant to support travel to Italy during the summer 2014 to continue and complete onsite research for her book manuscript, Somaesthetics and the Renaissance: Viewing Bodies at Work in Early Modern Italy. The Italian Art Society is dedicated to the study of Italian art and architecture from prehistory to the present day. With a membership of more than 250 established and emerging scholars, graduate students, and afficionados, the IAS is a vital force in generating new knowledge about the visual arts on the Italian peninsula and neighboring islands.

Terry-Fritsch invited to give talk at Louvre Museum in Paris

Dr. Allie Terry-Fritsch, Associate Professor of Art History, delivered a talk on her research on the Renaissance sculptor Donatello at the Musee du Louvre in Paris on Friday, Dec. 8th. Terry-Fritsch was invited by the curator of the Louvre in Paris and the curator of the Bargello in Florence, who co-curated the exhibition on Florentine Renaissance sculpture.

«  Printemps de la Renaissance. La sculpture à Florence 1400 -1460 »
(Palazzo Strozzi, Florence : 21 mars - 18 août 2013 ; Musée du Louvre, Hall Napoléon :
26 septembre 2013 - 6 janvier 2014)

Terry-Fritsch invited as the 2013 Braun Lecturer

Associate Professor Allie Terry-Fritsch was selected as the 2013 speaker for the annual Fred Braun Lecture in Art and Art History at Oakland University. Her talk, "Performing Jerusalem: Renaissance Pilgrims, Terracotta Saints and the Virtual Holy Land at San Vivaldo in Tuscany," was based on research that will be included in her manuscript on Somaesthetics and the Renaissance: Viewing Bodies at Work in Early Modern Italy. The talk took place at the Oakland University Art Gallery on November 21, 2013 at 6:30 pm.

Hershberger Presents at 2013 UAAC/AAUC in Banff

Dr. Andrew E. Hershberger traveled to Banff, Alberta, during the middle of October, 2013, to present a paper at the Universities Art Association of Canada / L'Association d'art des universités du Canada (UAAC/AAUC) National Conference.  The UAAC/AAUC is the Canadian equivalent of the College Art Association (CAA) in the US.  While in Banff, Hershberger presented first in a four-person panel focused on "Imagination in 19th Century Art," along with art historians from the University of Victoria, the University of Alberta, and the University of Toronto.  Hershberger titled his presentation "Imaging and Imagining Geological Time in Two Rare19th-Century Geology Books."  Buildling on his earlier presentation in October at the University of Notre Dame, this research topic relates to Hershberger's ongoing study of the United States Geological Survey or USGS-era of photographic history.

Art History Instructor, Rachel Durham presents paper

Rachel Durham presented her paper 'Reginald Marsh and the Wonderland Circus Sideshow,' at the 15th Annual Space Between: Literature and Culture Conference, in Chicago, Illinois, on June 21, 2013. 

Dr. Terry-Fritsch gives talk in Puerto Rico

Associate Professor of Art History Dr. Allie Terry-Fritsch is presenting new research at the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Oct. 27th. Her talk, titled "Playing the Renaissance Piazza: Florentine Calcio and the Somaesthetic Transformation of the Urban Sphere," connects the rich political symbolism of Piazza Santa Croce in Florence to the performance of communal identity through the game of calcio to offer a reading of the built environment in the context of the emerging Medici Duchy of the sixteenth century. Dr. Terry-Fritsch's talk is part of a panel sponsored by the Early Modern Studies Workshop at the University of Chicago and will eventually be published as part of her book manuscript on Somaesthetics and the Renaissance: Viewing Bodies at Work in Early Modern Italy.

Dr. Langin-Hooper lectures at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Dr. Stephanie Langin-Hooper, Assistant Professor of Ancient Art History, lectures on October 17, 2013 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  Her lecture, entitled "Fascination with the Tiny: Figurines and Identities in Hellenistic Babylonia," will be given in a Classics/Archaeology lecture series.  She has also been invited to give a follow-up graduate seminar to University of Michigan graduate students on October 24, 2013.

Hershberger Presents and Chairs Panel at SLSA 2013

Dr. Andrew E. Hershberger traveled to the University of Notre Dame in the first week of October, 2013, to present a paper and chair a session at the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA) National Conference.  Specifically, he chaired a four-person panel entitled "Landscape Objects" with photographers and artists from DePaul University, the University of Alberta, and NYU.  Hershberger titled his own presentation "Picturing Geological Time: Landscape Photographs in Rare 19th-Century Geology Books."  This presentation relates to Hershberger's ongoing study of the United States Geological Survey-era of photographic history, a project he began in 2011 after receiving a Cody Institute for Western American Studies Resident Fellowship at the McCracken Research Library in Cody, WY.

Ohio Arts Council Grant Awarded to BGSU Galleries

BGSU Galleries is delighted to announce receipt of an award of $7,510 in Operating Support funding from the Sustainability Program of the Ohio Arts Council. These funds will be used to support external exhibitions and programming for the 2013-14 year. The Ohio Arts Council helped fund this program/organization with state tax dollars to encourage economic growth, educational excellence and cultural enrichment for all Ohioans.

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