Graduate Three-Dimensional Studies

Students pursuing degrees in Three-Dimensional Studies may build their specializations from courses in ceramics, glass, jewelry/metals, and sculpture. Students may devise their studio specialization from coursework in any combination of media within their respective programs, or they may elect to focus exclusively on a single discipline. The flexible structure of the degree is intended to promote, but does not require, investigation in a range of 2D or 3D media areas.

Students must complete at least 21 of their minimum of 60 semester credit hours of coursework within their specialization with 12 hours of studio electives also required. In addition, students must complete 9 credit hours in graduate-student-only courses known as Studio Critiques. These courses foster intensive group dialogue about individual students' work, and  serve as a forum for the discussion of relevant contemporary art issues. Students are also required to take 6 hours of art history seminar, 3 hours of graduate academic elective, a course (3 hours) on effective teaching (pedagogy), 3 hours of exhibition research, and an additional 3 hours of general elective at the graduate level.

Areas of Specialization




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