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Terence Armentano helps prepare students and faculty to handle remote learning challenges

By Andrew Addessi

Being nominated for Bowling Green State University’s B.G. Best Award can be for everything from introducing new programs for students, to promoting a caring and accepting learning environment. For Terence Armentano, assistant director for Online and Summer Academic Programs, his nomination, and subsequent win, is due to him going above and beyond to ensure students and faculty were well-prepared to handle the world of online learning.

 “I have always tried to be intentional about treating people with kindness, sharing what I’ve learned to help others, collaborate across campus, and work toward continuous improvement for the betterment of our learning community,” Armentano said.

“This past year, with COVID-19 causing many new challenges for everyone, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of offices across campus to ensure faculty, staff and students were prepared for remote, online, and hybrid teaching and learning environments.”

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from BGSU in 2002 and a master's in 2004, Armentano joined the University staff that year and married his Falcon Flame, Alisson. This past year, he was a part of a Technology & Pedagogy Assistance Working Group, which developed an Essential Guide for Transitioning to Remote Learning. In addition, he collaborated with several other offices on campus to help create online teaching resources, develop tutorials and templates, one-on-one training, and a student support hub so all students could access support resources directly from Canvas.

Additionally, Armentano helped BGSU achieve the distinguished Quality Matters Learner Support Certification for all eCampus programs. The certification recognizes programs that demonstrate all the critical student and academic services needed for online learner success as well as a commitment to learner feedback for the purpose of continuous improvement of those services.

Paul Cesarini, professor and assistant vice provost of Online and Summer Academic Programs, took notice of Armentano. Cesarini nominated Armentano, saying: “As an experienced instructional designer and longtime educational technologist, Terence understands that student success does not just start when a student begins a class, but instead starts before they even enroll,” Cesarini said.

“Professional, knowledgeable enrollment services and learner support services are critical to the success and well-being of any current or prospective student. Earning this distinction from Quality Matters is a huge win for BGSU and recognizes the work done each day by advisors, recruiters, and related staff to ensure their continued success.”

BGSU is the only university in Ohio that has achieved the Online Learner Support Certification and only one of nine in the nation at this time.

“I was very shocked, honored and humbled. I love being able to support BGSU, our students, faculty and staff so it was a great honor to be recognized for the award,” Armentano said.

And the day he was presented the award was unlike any other. Cesarini and other faculty and staff members made a surprise stop to visit Armentano.

“It was pouring down rain when the doorbell rang. My wife told me to come downstairs and there was Dr. Cesarini and a bunch of BGSU colleagues standing out in the rain with my award and some flowers. We all stood in the rain as they presented the award to me. My wife and kids were there smiling. It just goes to show how much BGSU values their employees that they would even present this award in the rain as we practiced social distancing,” Armentano said. “It was a day I will never forget.”

B.G. Best is awarded by the Administrative Staff Council's committee for Awards and Recognitions.

Updated: 10/07/2020 09:46AM