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Science and Math Education in ACTION at BGSU provides up to four years of scholarship funding (nearly $20,000 total) through a Choose Ohio First grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education.  The ACTION Program provides innovative opportunities to prepare the best science and mathematics teachers in the state.

If you are a high school senior considering teaching either (a) middle school science and math (grades 4-9), (b) high school science, or (c) high school mathematics, then the ACTION Program may be for you!  

Our goal is to increase the number of science and mathematics education graduates and to improve their effectiveness at teaching these subjects by: 

  • Providing exposure to hands-on science, mathematics, and education topics through research experiences at the undergraduate level
  • Building a small "family" atmosphere through opportunities such as the option of living in a residential hall community with other ACTION students
  • Fostering collaboration with others through community involvement
  • Creating relationships with faculty and other scholars that promote professional and personal growth
  • Increasing marketability to future employers 

ACTION Theme Community

Learn more about the ACTION Theme Community for scholarship recipients planning to be science and/or math teachers. Live and learn with classmates in large air-conditioned rooms close to your classes.

Learn More about the Community

Other benefits of the program include:

  • Four-year academic scholarships that increase each year ($4,000 up to $5,200)
  • All-expense paid residential Summer Bridge experience prior to freshman year which includes 3 credit hours for an "Introduction to Education" course
  • Freshman year science or mathematics group research project
  • Sophomore year science or mathematics practicum (short-term internship) experience
  • Junior and Senior year pedagogical (classroom) research project

Requirements to apply for the program:

  • Admitted to Bowling Green State University
  • Minimum cumulative 3.0 High School GPA*
  • Recommended minimum composite score of 23 on the ACT*
  • Interest in teaching science and/or mathematics in any of the grades 4 through 12
  • Ohio resident**

*Most ACTION scholars are well above these minimum requirements.

**As a Choose Ohio First grant program funded by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, this program is open only to students who live in Ohio and is dependent upon the continuation of state funding.

If you are attending a two-year community college and intend to transfer to BGSU as a sophomore in science or mathematics education, please contact an ACTION staff member to discuss the possibility of becoming part of the ACTION program.

The ACTION Program enhances BGSU’s nationally recognized teacher education program. Contact the ACTION office for more information at or by phone at 419.372.6562.

For more information about the Ohio Department of Higher Education and their Choose Ohio First programs, visit their website.

Science & Math Education in ACTION