Graduate Comments

ACTION was a great means of learning about the applicable aspects and awesome realms of mathematics! A few weeks into landing my first job, my principal told me that one of the reasons I was hired was a statement in my interview that they had not heard anyone else say: "I love Math!" That was so surprising to me because I have seen so many cool things in math through the extra opportunities provided by the ACTION Program, and couldn't imagine teaching math without loving it. 

- Georgia, High School Math Teacher

ACTION not only helped me during my college experience, but it also provided me with the necessary skills to receive a wonderful teaching job and become a better teacher. Each year of the program is designed to help students focus on one aspect that will help them in their teaching. These projects have helped spark ideas for lessons to do with my students related to water quality, and have allowed me to answer the common question, "When will I ever use this outside of this classroom?" The ACTION program provided opportunities for me to connect with local businesses that utilize mathematics and science on a regular basis, and this has allowed me to explain types of jobs that students could be interested in when they leave high school. Additionally, ACTION equipped me with the organizational skills needed as a teacher.

- Kim, High School Science Teacher

The ACTION research was extremely helpful in preparing me to teach within my district and using the new evaluation system. One of the main focuses of my district is data driven instruction. During my Capstone research project, I had to create questionnaires, gather information while teaching, and then take all that information from different sources and form a conclusion in order to present the information in a formal way. I use that same method within my classroom now to drive my instruction. I have my students give me feedback on what is working within the room by using entrance/exit slips, observation, self-assessments, and test results. I put all that information together to decide how to better instruct my students. 

- Sarah, High School Math Teacher

ACTION allowed me the opportunity to meet and personally develop relationships with multiple faculty members within the Mathematics and Education departments.  Also, during job interviews I shared my ACTION experience with multiple research projects.  This lead to two job offers from school districts that were really excited about all that I had done during my undergrad career through ACTION. ACTION was very beneficial to me as a student; and now, as a teacher, I can see how it has prepared me to seek out similar support and collaboration with my colleagues. 

- Joshua, High School Math Teacher

The extra research and projects that I took part in throughout my course of study in the ACTION program really impressed interviewers at the BGSU Teacher Fair, which led to second interviews and multiple job offers.  It was enough to set me apart from the rest of the applicants and start me on the road to a great teaching position near my hometown.

- Mike, Middle School Math Teacher

ACTION has had a huge impact on my life. It has made me become a better teacher. Through field experiences, ACTION has helped me gain more confidence in myself teaching. At first, I thought it would be hard to stand up in front of a group of students and teach them. However, ACTION showed me how to accomplish my dreams by providing me with ways that have helped to engage my students in each lesson. I am so happy I was able to be part of the program!

- Lacee, Fourth Grade Math/Science Teacher

ACTION helped me get a teaching job by diversifying my resume and making me a well-rounded individual. In ACTION, I was exposed to a lot of different experiences and opportunities I may not have had or attempted otherwise. This involvement with so many different fields and faculty members helped solidify confidence in my skills and abilities within teaching as well as outside of teaching. The ACTION capstone research project helped be become a better teacher. The type of instruction that I did my research on is the style that I use every day, and it opened up a lot of possibilities for me to meet other educators who have helped me grow in my development. I also formed long lasting friendships with my peers in ACTION and continue to bounce educational ideas and lesson plan ideas off of some of them now that we are all teachers.

- Scott, High School Science Teacher

Updated: 12/02/2017 03:12AM