Program Overview

The Science & Math Education in ACTION Scholarship Program

Bowling Green State University, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Higher Education, offers a scholarship program for incoming freshman students interested in teaching science and/or mathematics in any grades 4 through 12.* In addition to scholarships, the program involves a number of innovative features that are designed to prepare undergraduates to be exceptionally effective teachers. These innovative experiences include:

  1. A three week Summer Bridge program preceding the first regular semester of college to launch students' college careers under ideal circumstances and give them the skills needed to excel.
  2. In the first year at BGSU, students participate in a collaborative science or mathematics research team project that addresses a specific topic. This project gives students firsthand experience in real research that enhances their understanding of science and/or mathematics and their ability to practice and teach it.
  3. During the second year, ACTION participants complete a practicum work experience in a science- or math-related business or industry. This "real world" experience gives future teachers insights into how science and math are applied and provides examples that they can draw on to enrich the learning of their future students.
  4. The last two years, ACTION scholars develop a field-based capstone project that involves applying research techniques to determine the best teaching practices that will advance the learning of their students.

College credit is earned for each of the above experiences so they are included on the college transcript. These extra ACTION opportunities on top of the exceptional education program at BGSU result in an impressive resume to show future employers.

If you are unsure if you want to teach but are considering a career as an educator, please review the list of approved academic majors. The first two years, all participants must be one of these majors. At the end of the second year, in order to remain eligible for the program, all participants must be science and/or math education majors.

More information about the ACTION Program Scholarships

*To qualify for ACTION, students majoring in Middle Childhood Education (grades 4-9) must choose science and mathematics as their two areas of concentration. Those majoring in AYA (Adolescent/Young Adult grades 7-12) choose either science or mathematics.

Updated: 11/18/2020 08:44AM