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Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.)

Middle Childhood Education

A Bachelor of Science in Education in middle childhood education prepares you to teach grades 4-9 at a time when the need for good teachers has never been greater. Teaching middle school is about so much more than passing on basic knowledge to pre-teens. It’s having a meaningful impact on future leaders as they’re just starting to discover who they are. 

Pick the specialties you want to pursue. A middle childhood education degree from BGSU qualifies you to teach at least two of the following subject areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Reading and language arts 
  • Science

BGSU also offers a path to Ohio Middle Childhood Generalist Endorsement, qualifying graduates to teach all subjects in grades 4-6 and two specializations in grades 7-9.

Why study middle childhood education at BGSU in Ohio?

  • Learn from the best. The middle childhood education program at BGSU is one of Ohio’s biggest and most highly regarded. Our faculty shares your love of learning and dedication to ensuring every student has a chance to excel. 
  • Graduate with real-world experience. Education majors begin field experiences freshman year. By graduation, they have nearly 1,000 hours in the field – making them standouts for competitive teaching positions. 
  • Build cultural competence. BGSU prepares new middle school teachers for success in diverse classrooms.  
  • Expand your horizons. Study abroad in Keele, England, and discover student teaching opportunities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and more.
  • Connect with top professional organizations. The BGSU Collegiate Middle Level Association provides opportunities for top-tier professional development. Members attend annual conferences, network with schools and administrators and lead and participate in volunteer efforts throughout the year. 
  • Set up for success. BGSU middle childhood education graduates have a 99% pass rate on the standardized teacher license tests.

BGSU hosts one of the largest teacher job fairs in the U.S., attended by hundreds of potential employers each year. 

Career - what can you do with a middle childhood education degree?

BGSU middle childhood education graduates are highly sought after by employers. Once licensed, they can teach in private and public schools.

Most middle schools are structured to teach students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. However, some school districts start middle school as early as 4th grade and/or extend it through 9th grade. The BGSU middle childhood education bachelor’s degree program prepares graduates to teach at least two subjects at any of these grade levels. 

A generalist endorsement in middle childhood education enables graduates to teach all subjects through grade 6 and two subjects in grades 7-9, further expanding employment options. 

Middle childhood education is a field for those enthusiastic about being both a teacher and a lifelong learner. Through evidence-based instruction, they support the academic success of their students. 

A typical middle school teacher job description is likely to include:

  • Creating lesson plans for their subject specializations
  • Grading student assignments and exams
  • Communicating with families about the child’s progress
  • Working with students 1:1 to overcome unique learning challenges 
  • Developing and enforcing class rules
  • Preparing students for state-required standardized tests 

Career paths

  • Middle school teacher
  • Teacher educator
  • Professional development provider
  • School administrator

Quick Facts from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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93% of middle childhood education graduates are employed, in graduate school or starting a business within six months of graduation.

Enrichment opportunities for middle childhood education majors

BGSU middle childhood education graduates are in high demand. Part of their success stems from participation in on-campus opportunities that keep them constantly challenged and connected within their study specializations. 

  • Lead the award-winning Math Camp at BGSU, affiliated with both the Ohio and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Math Camp is known for its outstanding leadership, community service and civic engagement. 
  • Join the student-led Bowling Green Council of Teachers of Mathematics (BGCTM), the largest affiliate of the NCTM, for monthly meetings with guest speakers, career-building connections and skill-sharpening exercises.
  • Middle school science teacher candidates have access to numerous initiatives with the BGSU Northwest Ohio Center for Excellence in STEM Education. It’s one of seven hubs of the Ohio STEM Learning Network, offering numerous grants for future STEM educators and a partnership with the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium. 
  • Language Arts Educators is a monthly meeting of middle childhood education and adolescent to young adult education majors for support with lesson plans, program challenges and professional networking.
  • LAMP Camp. Language Arts Motivates Pupils is a partnership between BGSU and the Juvenile Residential Center of Northwest Ohio that uses engaging language arts lessons to teach teamwork, problem-solving and social communication.
  • The World Language Educators Organization is open to all education majors dedicated to boosting intercultural competence of K-12 students.


The BGSU middle childhood education program is highly competitive. Admission and graduation requirements exceed state minimums. Admission occurs only after completion of 45 credit hours (including Year 1 of education courses) with an overall GPA of 3.0. Applicants must also submit a writing sample, display demonstration of positive dispositions and participate in a faculty interview. 

Proceeding to junior-level courses and the senior-level methods block and professional year requires a cumulative 3.0 GPA, plus a minimum 2.8 GPA in each academic speciality. 

To teach middle school in Ohio, graduates must apply for the state’s four-year Resident Educator license for grades 4-9 in their specialization.

Required courses

Middle Childhood Education Katie Allen

Sample courses

  • Introduction to Teaching Middle Grades
  • Teaching Adolescents
  • Mathematics, Social Studies, Science or Language Arts
  • Digital Technologies for Middle and High School Teachers
  • Teaching Students With Exceptionalities 

Professional licensure

Teacher licenses are regulated by state-level agencies. Licensure applicants must meet all requirements and follow all procedures of the state agency from which licensure is sought. In Ohio, the Ohio Department of Education serves as the licensing agency. The Office of Student and Academic Service assists students with the licensure application process.

BGSU College of Education and Human Development

The Middle Childhood Education program is part of the School of Inclusive Teacher Education in the BGSU College of Education & Human Development  

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