ACTION Scholarship Amounts 

The scholarships listed below can be added to other University awards up to full tuition:

Year 1 - $4,000 
Year 2 - $4,400
Year 3 - $4,800
Year 4 - $5,200

This Choose Ohio First scholarship is automatically renewed each year at the higher amount as long as state funding continues and the student meets program requirements.* 


Included in the ACTION Program:

Summer Bridge
Participate in the three week Summer Bridge program (July 2021) prior to the student's first year in college:  live on campus, attend college courses, and participate in a variety of activities. Students receive 3 hours of college credit for EDTL 2010:  Introduction to Education and all expenses (e.g., tuition, housing, food) of the Summer Bridge are covered.

Year 1
Participate in a science or mathematics research team. Assist in a regional classroom. Take science and/or mathematics courses corresponding to the student's major including EDTL EDTL 2300: Introduction to Educational Technology. Living in Offenhauer West residence hall as part of the ACTION Theme Community is recommended and enables students to continue the close ACTION community built during Summer Bridge while also providing friends right next door with whom to form study groups. See more info about the ACTION Theme Community

Year 2
Participate in a real-world practicum work experience related to science or mathematics in a business or industrial setting. Take courses introducing teaching of science or mathematics in addition to other education courses that correspond to your major.

Year 3
Take science or mathematics teaching methods course that includes teaching experiences in regional schools. Begin a capstone education research project. Qualify for candidacy for an Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA) or Middle Childhood Education (MCE) degree program.

Year 4
Complete student teaching experiences. Complete the capstone education research project that enables ACTION students to discover best approaches to teaching future students.

*Program requirements include being a full-time BGSU student, declaring one of the approved ACTION majors, participating in all required programs and events (including Summer Bridge), and maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.


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